Self-Discovery, Word by Word: CREATIVITY

January 12, 2011

I’ve posted twice before in the Self-Discovery, Word by Word Series:



Creativity makes me think of art classes, colors, fashion, photography, writing, crayons, water colors, recipes, cooking, WORRY. <– HUH??

You see, I’ve written about worry before. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you might remember my post on being Better Than Okay.

amazing dont_worry_bee_happy_mug-p1688310701240062682l9gv_4001

Or perhaps Don’t Worry, Eat Chocolate about being a WARRIOR, not a WORRIER. Although I know my mental thought processes are in my hands mind, Billy’s positivity and glass-filled-to-the-brim attitude have influenced me, and helped to ease my worrying ways. Worrying is not a natural state of mind for this guy.


As we got closer in our relationship and started to share our thoughts, stories and worries, we had a humorous, perspective-shifting conversation that started with me defending the reasons why I don’t watch scary movies.

I was explaining my train of thought about a worry manifesting itself in my mind. A worry about something that didn’t exist (a characteristic of many worries) and something that I would let my wild imagination turn into a legitimate fear.

Billy, trying so hard to understand where I was coming from, said,

“Oh!  So you’re a creative worrier.”

And I smiled because he was so right. He knew me well. If I had nothing to worry about, I created something to worry about. Maybe I could have turned it into a career and authored some of those horror stories that I’m afraid to watch.

I am thankful to say that my creative worrying has decreased. I make an effort to channel my creative energy into the things I love.

Like writing this blog. And photography. And healthy cooking. And fitness…

fitness DSC07613

When and where do you feel the most creative?

Have you ever been a creative worrier like me?


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