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April 12, 2011

This is my 2nd week participating in Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday, documenting some of my eats from the past week. I wrote yesterday about my current busy factor, and things are only going to get busier. My fitness and nutrition are not only still a priority, but actually more so, considering my needs for energy and endorphins.




It is time consuming to plan healthy meals and snacks, but I’ve been doing it for so many years that it comes naturally to me. With that said, some eats for the past week included more salads, the one below from Whole Foods for a 1st lunch. I eat 4-6 times a day which works well for me since I workout 1-2 times most days.

Whole Foods has the best oil-free carrot ginger salad dressing.

DSC01006 DSC01008

Green smoothie in a bowl. On a bike seat. With a homemade chocolate chip cookie dough bar. I cannot get enough of this flavor combo since the first time I made it.

DSC01093 DSC01094DSC01095

Sometimes the simplest salad is all I crave – field greens with avocado, and I eat sweet potatoes in some form at least twice a week. With ketchup, of course.

DSC01131 DSC01136

When I’m craving a large portion, I make something like lentils and steamed broccoli, dressed lightly with red wine vinegar, spicy mustard, and nutritional yeast.


Billy cooks almost every night, but most of his meals include a meat entrée. However, sometimes he makes a glorious fish dish, and shares some bites with his Bird wife.

Seared tuna and sautéed zucchini topped with field greens and avocado slices.


And if I haven’t made it clear on the blog, I have a serious sweet tooth. I rarely crave baked goods, so some of my favorite choices are Bare Fruit dried mango…

DSC01139 DSC01142DSC01140

And my latest favorite trio: raw almonds, strawberries, and dark chocolate chips.



What’s your favorite fruit and nut combo?

Dried apricots or dates with raw almonds or walnuts. And dried cherries with roasted almonds. And dried cranberries with pistachios.

Do you eat many times throughout the day?

Typically, I eat something small within an hour of waking up in the morning, followed by a small meal mid-morning, another meal around 1:00PM, a snack around 4:00PM, dinner at 7:30ish, and something sweet to end the night.

Happy Wednesday, friends. Make the most of your day.


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