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April 18, 2011

Just when I was thinking about writing a post on the ever-present topic of finding balance in our lives, I read this quote that Ashley posted:

If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable. {Donald Trump}

Thanks, Donald. I’m taking your advice with my new job at lululemon.

My “work” these days is interchangeable with what brings me pleasure: health, fitness, goals, positivity, honest relationships, communication, and energetic fun.


Then there’s blogging. I started this blog last June to share my thoughts while writing about my life in an honest way. I don’t blog for money. I blog for the connections I’ve made within this community, and the positive reinforcement I receive from friends I’ve known for many years (and my mom). But it is “work” in that it’s time consuming.

It’s also a pleasure. And incredibly rewarding. I met one of my best friends through blogging, and had the chance to hang out with her this weekend!

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It seems like everyone is striving for a balance. If not a balance between work and pleasure, then a balance between this thing, that thing, and the other thing.

The thing is, our balance is going to change from day to day, which is why we’re always on a mission for it. We can’t create a perfect balance all the time. It’s not possible because of outside ever-changing circumstances.


It’s like yoga. I can nail a balance posture in class one day, but the very next day, I might lose focus, temporarily interrupting my balance. I might even fall down.

While “balance” in yoga teaches us patience, focus, and flexibility, finding that “balance” in everyday life requires patience, focus, and flexibility, in conjunction with prioritizing and time management.


Are you spending your time doing something you enjoy?

What are 2 things in your life that you seem to always be “balancing”?

With the addition of lululemon into my life, I’m currently looking for the best balance in my blogging schedule. While I have more than ever to blog about, my computer time is greatly limited. This is bittersweet. I love the interaction of blogging and commenting, and I also love everything I do when I’m unplugged.

Oh, where does Billy come into my balance? After all, he’s only my husband and best friend…

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about him. I have some thoughts to share on time management and marriage later this week.

*The winner of the humbled giveaway is #70, Eva! (I just emailed you.) Smile

Untitled picture

And with that, I’m off to yoga!

I hope you have a balanced, fulfilling Monday.


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