Maximize & Relaximize

May 10, 2011

I’ve written about busyness and balance in the life of Bird & Bee. We enjoy spending time cooking and hanging out at home, but one of my favorite ways to spend time with Billy is at the park. On a blanket. With books. And a snack. My camera, too. No distractions from laptops, laundry, or lists of to-dos. Those things can wait.


A bike ride, sunshine, bare feet, apple snacks, peace and quiet. Pure relaxation.

We were sure to take our Zyrtec.

DSC02070 DSC02074 DSC02068DSC02084 DSC02086 DSC02081DSC02088 DSC02078DSC02087

We really make it a point to maximize our time together. I’m thankful that we share this common love for bike rides and park pallets. It reminds me of our time Belize.

The trees and the views were a bit different there…

DSC05537DSC02077 DSC02075

But we still find the calm we’re seeking.


Where do you find your calm?

What’s one way you maximize your time?

What’s your favorite beach experience/vacation?

Ibiza was pretty spectacular. Posts here: Beautiful Ibiza, Ibiza: Beaches & Nightlife, Lazy Day in Ibiza

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