Things I Learned in NYC, Part 2

September 2, 2011

Happy Friday! And 2nd day of September. I love this time of year…

Things I Learned in NYC, Part 1

WIAW: The New York Palace edition


Billy has his very own brand of honey.

DSC03909 DSC03910

Love Grown Foods granola is sold at my new favorite market.

DSC03908 DSC03861

The New York Palace gives welcome bags, including Jelly Belly candies. Star

DSC03919 DSC03920

I’m quite happy with a white, fluffy king-sized bed, and a hotel that provides a quality hairdryer. Can’t remember the last time I packed a hairdryer.

DSC03911 DSC03917

Cappuccino? Check. Espresso? Check. Red wine? Check. Ceramic dog? Check.

DSC03939 DSC03956

I am drawn to classic/unique/ironic art and design. The NY Palace delivered.

DSC03950 DSC03952 DSC03960 DSC03964DSC03980 DSC03981

The city really did shut down in preparation for the storm.

(Saturday afternoon on Madison Ave.)

DSC03972 DSC03971

But that didn’t stop us from finding some action on Saturday night.

DSC04027 DSC04032 DSC04013 DSC04017DSC04229 DSC04231

And exploring the (almost) deserted streets.

DSC04038 DSC04040

The bear had his own security guard. Go figure.


Back at the hotel…false alarm. Whew.


Before we were fully aware of the constant food buffets at our hotel, we picked up some potential emergency storm essentials.


Better than the alternative…


I was reminded that hot tea and stormy weather make me sublimely happy.

DSC04008 DSC03934 DSC04085

Stay tuned for even more from our trip to NYC!


What’s your favorite stormy weather eat or drink?

What about your favorite stormy weather activity?

I like a little of everything – cuddling up inside, playing games, watching movies, and getting outside to explore and feel the weather.

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