running bird

January 26, 2012

Yesterday someone asked me, “Are you a runner?”

A year ago, while training for my 2nd half marathon, I would have said, “yes!”

Yesterday I said, “Well…I really like to run.”

Both are true, I suppose.

I’m not currently training for any races, so my running workouts aren’t specific, and I’m not necessarily pushing myself in speed or endurance. I just go outside and run.

I love it. And I also loved training for a race, but since I’ve been focusing on other fitness activities, I haven’t been interested in devoting extra time to running.

Until recently. The desire to push myself is starting to seep back in.

And even though August is months from now, one of my goals is to run the lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon. And although our future is a bit up in the air (moving to Vancouver or NYC??!), I just registered for the race!



Vancouver 8.11.12.

So there’s that! If you want to achieve your goals, you have to make them happen. Take the 1st step. For me, that meant letting go of any doubt, even in the midst of uncertainty, and committing to the goal. Registering for this race. Looking forward.

Formal training to commence in a couple of months.

Til then, I’m just going to keep running.

Are you running any races this year? Other fitness goals?

What’s holding you back?


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