our if/when potential new home, part 1.

February 7, 2012

Hope everyone is having a great week! Last time we chatted, I showed you photos from our 1st 24 hours in NYC. The rest of our long weekend was pretty incredible. Action-packed. Enthusiastic feelings about our potential move here in April, a lot of fun with friends, plenty of sunshine, great food, and time in Central Park.

We went to the 9/11 Memorial on Friday, and saw the Freedom Tower.

DSC06440  DSC06441 DSC06444DSC06445 DSC06453

The memorial is beautiful. Instant tears streaming down my cheeks.

DSC06446 DSC06447

We met some lovely lemons of the lulu variety, enjoyed walking under the blue sky,

DSC06439 DSC06516 DSC06514 DSC06523DSC06545

stayed at The Surrey Saturday & Sunday nights – quite different from the Yotel.

DSC06525 DSC06526DSC06485 DSC06490 DSC06487 DSC06486

view from the rooftop deck.

DSC06552 DSC06556

back tomorrow with more photos, including food and other good things!


what’s the most important factor for you when choosing a place to live? such as: proximity to work, safe neighborhood, transit, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, parks, school, etc…


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