frinks & a bucket list

February 17, 2012

the other day, one of my friends from work asked me if I’ve made a Dallas bucket list. what a great idea! another list to add to my current lists. speaking of lists, I’ve noticed lately, more than ever before, the extent to which my lists serve as a much-needed reminder. grocery lists, follow-ups, emails & tasks for work, blog, etc.

I used to really like lists because they made me “feel” productive, and perhaps I’m getting old and losing my memory, but lists have become an absolute necessity. I use my iPhone for the lists, reminders & calendar features more than any of the others.


I mentioned the Dallas bucket list to Billy, and we started to think about what it is that we would like to do before we leave in 6.5 weeks. all of our ideas come down to friends, family, and food. (and guns and golf for Billy. he goes to the shooting range with my dad. Dad, are you reading? email Billy about the gun range.)

the thing is, our families are primarily in Dallas.

we both grew up here.

we’ll be back to visit.

but in the meantime, we’re excited to eat our favorite foods with family and friends.

one of several restaurants on our list? Tillman’s Roadhouse where I ate one of my favorite salmon dishes and Billy fell in love with the ribs:

DSC06075 DSC06073

and s’mores with homemade graham crackers, marshmallows and artisan chocolates…

iPhone 12-5-11 107

reads from the week – Friday links = frinks:


favorite meal of the week (and the only one I took a picture of):

photo 3

kale, spinach, mushrooms, avocado, baked salmon. so satisfying.

I know someone who would approve.


if you were moving from your current city, what’s one thing that would be on your bucket list?


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