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April 12, 2012

yesterday morning, after a quick run, some blogging & breakfast, we said goodbye to Heather & D, and headed to check out the Capitol.

DSC07434 DSC07438

then we decided to go ahead and drive on to NYC. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time! I also took a half hour bird-nap and woke up feeling exhilarated. ready.


the drive was about 4-hours, and thankfully we had gorgeous skies once again.

DSC07456 DSC07458

tollbooths & bridges galore.

DSC07450 DSC07461 DSC07464IMG_1117 IMG_1118

one last bridge before we pulled into Manhattan. 1 week. 9 cities. 2336.8 miles.

IMG_1119 IMG_1120

several people have asked if we’ve found a place to live. we are incredibly fortunate to have generous, loving friends who are letting us stay at their apartment in the Financial District while we search for an apartment in one of our desired neighborhoods. they recently moved back to Dallas, but their place is still furnished.

unloading the car was interesting. when the luggage cart rolled and attacked Billy, he finally had to tell me to stop taking photos and help. he’s a good sport, that guy.

DSC07478 DSC07479

we filled the luggage cart about 4.5 times.


our temporary, lovely, too-good-to-be-true home while we apartment search.

DSC07482 DSC07483DSC07485 DSC07484DSC07486 DSC07487

they have 3 bedrooms & 3 full baths. #feelingspoiled

the view:

DSC07492 DSC07490

last night, after a quick trip to Whole Foods, we finished unloading the Tahoe, filled it up with gas, and returned it to the rental car place. <—quite a challenge in NYC.

then we really unwound. we took hot showers, cooked dinner in the kitchen (a real treat after a week on the road!), sat on the couch in our pajamas, smiled (and yawned) constantly, and chatted about our transition into this new city life.

I woke up this morning, checked the weather, and quickly decided to go for a run. so I’m off to the West Side Highway. we have a lot going on this weekend – parties with friends, apartment searching, and the Yoga Journal Conference. I miss my Pilates classes in Dallas so I’ll likely hit up SLT like last time we were here in February.

thanks for following along on our road trip! it was one for the books blog.



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