your level of brave

April 24, 2012

I headed out for a run yesterday morning, and as I was leaving the building, the doorman (who has become somewhat familiar with my running schedule), said, “it’s really windy out there today. you’re brave to go for a run.”

brave: having or showing courage

me? brave?

to him, I was brave to go for a run in the chilly, windy weather.

to me, being brave is getting outside of our comfort zone, doing something selflessly for another person, doing the right thing (even if it’s not “cool” – I know, very after school special of me), taking on a new challenge, living the life of your dreams, banishing worry, expressing love, and even harder at times, accepting love. (source)

on my run, I kept thinking about brave.

I ran from the Financial District through Battery Park, and up the West Side Hwy. it was windy and cold, but I felt strong as I peered up at the Freedom Tower, and remembered all of the brave men, women, and children who were victims, survivors, and heroes on 9.11.01. that’s a level of brave I can barely comprehend.


(above photo taken Feb 2012)

for others, being brave might be signing up for their 1st race, showing up to a social event alone, turning down dessert when everyone else is eating it in order to stay on their Weight Watchers plan, or forgiving someone rather than holding on to anger.

being brave – having courage! – can be defined in infinite ways, and no way is right or wrong, better or worse. it’s about embracing where we are today, and our level of brave will change over and over throughout our days, weeks, months, and years.

I believe that being true to ourselves, and in turn, being authentic with others, is one of the bravest things we can do on a consistent basis.


how is bravery showing up in your life today?


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