5 Foods High in Biotin and Iron for Your Diet Plan

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For men seeking a solution to hair loss, biotin has proven an effective method in promoting hair growth. This complex water soluble vitamin converts food into energy and promotes cell growth. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 occurs naturally in a variety of foods but can also be taken as a supplement. Biotin supplements are widely available in pharmacies but utilizing foods within your diet also provides a far tastier solution to male hair loss.

How much biotin should a man take?

Biotin for thinning hair can change a man’s outlook on life. Losing one’s hair can be a depressing realisation and changing your diet can help. Men suffering hair loss should aim to consume 1000μg of additional biotin for hair growth each day.

5 biotin rich foods

Here we look at 5 key foods that you should include in your diet plan that are rich in both biotin and iron.

  1. The first food anyone should add to a diet that exploits biotin hair benefits is beef liver! Yes, I know, liver may not exactly be everyone’s first choice on the menu but each 1 oz of cooked beef liver contains a huge 100μg of biotin, making it one of the richest biotin foods available! The rich protein content of the liver provides the biotin, as well 50μg of your daily requirement of iron! There are many good recipes available for cooking liver available on the BBC Website.
  1. The second food on the list provides a perfect accompaniment to liver, Sweet Potatoes! These vegetables are rich in biotin as well as the powerful antioxidant, beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes contain around 48μg biotin and 80μg of iron per whole vegetable. Sweet Potatoes have been proven to aide in the prevention of the debilitating macular degeneration. Sweet potatoes can be served in all sorts of ways, you can’t beat sweet potato fries in my opinion! Although, for a healthier option you might just want to make mashed sweet potato.
  1. Sweet Potatoes also go well with the 3rd essential food on your diet list, the venerable Salmon Fillet. As well as having 50μg of biotin per 3 oz, Salmon contains Omega 3 which keeps your heart healthy and skin shiny. As well as having biotin for hair, omega 3 is also an effective compound in keeping hair healthy! Salmon also provides an adequate amount of your required iron intake, 30μg per 3 oz. Salmon can be served in a variety of ways making it ideal at any meal time. Steamed with a dill sauce is an ideal way to start the day.
  1. Almonds provide a high level of biotin, as well as Vitamin E and magnesium. At 15μg of biotin per ¼ cup almonds they can be sprinkled on a variety of different meals or eaten whole as a snack for anyone looking for easy to carry biotin foods. Almonds also provide 10μg of iron per 1.4 cup. Almonds taste great when added to treats such as ice cream or smoothies!
  1. The fifth and final food that should be included in your diet plan is the good old egg. Eggs are a whole food that provide a wealth of proteins and amino acids. Eggs provide a steady 10μg of biotin per whole egg and a healthy 12μg or iron per egg. Eggs clearly promote themselves as a good source of biotin, however, be aware that excessive consumption or consumption of raw eggs can prevent biotin being absorbed by avidil. The perfect way to start the day is good old ‘eggs and soldiers’. Boil an egg and serve with whole wheat toast strips to dip in the yummy runny yolk.

So there you have it, 5 foods high in biotin and iron that you should include in your diet plan. The excellent link between biotin and food is clear to see. Not only are the foods good for you, they are extremely versatile in the way they can be served. Getting to that all important adequate daily intake of biotin is really easy.

Biotin deficiency

If you are ever worried that you are not getting enough biotin you should first consult your medical professional and ascertain if biotin supplements are also needed to compliment your biotin foods. The same applies to those who think they are becoming anemic, Iron is essential is maintaining healthy blood so seek medical advice.

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