What Are the Benefits of Minimal Stimulation IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) would be the best option for conceiving for women who are facing trouble in getting pregnant. This is highly successful. IVF requires you to take some fertility drugs. Traditional IVF can result in multiple pregnancies.

Through minimal simulation IVF (Mini IVF), many issues can be avoided. The result is a high success rate. Mini IVF allows doctors to provide the right amount of fertility medication for one’s body. This also results in good healthcare.

There are many benefits of minimal simulation IVF, which include the following:

  • This reduces or eliminates the use of injectable gonadotrophins and thus cuts down the chances of side effects. The painful serious condition of OHSS is reduced greatly with this.
  • Fertility hormones are less expensive to produce as they must be identical to that of the hormones produced by the body. They should be safe to be injected into the body. Using less or no hormones will make the procedure affordable.
  • The advantage of traditional IVF is that there is a possibility to create extra embryos, which could be an advantage for many couples. Some couples don’t prefer to have more embryos. For such couples, minimal stimulation cycle would be the right choice.
  • The goal of mini IVF is to produce quality eggs and quantity does not matter. This leads to fewer side effects and also reduces medication. This also reduces the risk of ovarian hyper simulation.
  • There may be discomfort for the body while producing more eggs in traditional IVF. But, with Mini IVF, you will experience less discomfort as it produces fewer number of quality eggs.
  • During mini IVF, only one embryo is sent into the uterus. If more than one embryo is produced, they are frozen and are saved for later use. This eliminates the risk of multiple pregnancies. Moreover, transferring of multiple embryos into the uterus does not necessarily increase the chances of getting pregnant through mini IVF.
  • There is no need to wait for any time length between cycles with minimal simulation IVF. You can even start it right away.
  • Mini IVF is a good option for people with diminished ovarian reserve and those who do not respond well to gonadotrophin injections.

With these many benefits, minimal simulation IVF would be a good option to consider for most couples.

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