Benefits of CBD Tinctures

A tincture is (usually) an alcohol-based concentrated extract. In the case of a cannabidiol (CBD) tincture, a marijuana cannabinoid, manufacturers avoid alcohol. That is because it could be damaging to individuals with particular health problems. Instead, they prefer the use of other oils, like MCT and grapeseed.

Most tinctures come in small bottles with a dropper. Users can then consume the contents by either blotting the liquid into a meal or a drink, or by placing it under their tongue. Taking it in this manner can have an even faster effect than consuming it with food or a beverage. This leaves a strong taste, so many CBD tinctures will have added flavoring to combat it.

So, why should you prefer to consume CBD in the form of a tincture?

Fast treatment of conditions

Research continues to develop on the benefits of different cannabinoids. CBD is becoming a favourite of those who look for the advantages of cannabis products but don’t want to overwhelm themselves with marijuana’s psychotropic effects. With the dropper, particularly if they use it under their tongue, users can combat both physical and mental issues in very little time.

CBD can fight physical conditions like nausea, vomiting, inflammation, psoriasis — even the growth of bacterial and cancer cells. Some research also says that it can help people with mental health issues. These include insomnia, low appetite, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Very few side effects

 By consuming CBD through a tincture, you can expect very few to no side effects. The only recorded side effect that could be annoying to some is the so-called ‘dry mouth’. This is a common consequence from the consumption of cannabis products. As the name suggests, it causes a feeling of dryness or thirst. If you are taking a CBD tincture to fight a more serious condition, this is not a worrying side effect. You should note that every person could react to cannabidiol and cannabis-based products in different ways. Always make sure to talk to your doctor or another medical professional before starting on a CBD treatment.

Convenient, readily available, and easy to use

Smoking and vaping can be cumbersome and need larger paraphernalia. CBD tinctures only need users to carry a small bottle with them. Within a few moments, someone who needs a CBD dose can add a few droplets to a meal and begin enjoying its benefits. Most users can feel the effect of a CBD tincture within 15 to 45 minutes. These extracts are not hard to track down, either. One can find and buy a tincture from a local dispensary, making them available at arm’s reach.


Given how innocuous the side effects of a CBD tincture are, the only way to find out if this method is for you is to give it a go. They are also cheap and won’t hurt your lungs, so trial and error is the guilt-free way forward!

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