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Nizagara is turning out to be the best viagra alternative. For those of you who don’t know what Nizagara is, let us give you some information about it. As most of us are familiar with viagra which is used to get better erection, you are right! the blue coloured oval shaped tablets. Nizagara is not different but is cost effective and has helped many people facing erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Nizagara India is available in different colours, flavours and potency. Nizagara is a product of an Indian company which started operating in 1982. It has been widely used by many users worldwide and one can actually order it online following the link below.

Here’s a brief introduction to Nizagara India:

Brand: Nizagara

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Uni-Sule (Combitic Global)

Country of Manufacture: India

As we mentioned that Nizagara is an Indian product made by a company named Uni-Sule Private limited. The company name has now been changed to Combitic Global which is a private limited company in India. The head office for this company is located in Delhi India. The company has many branches throughout India spreading throughout the country to provide access to cheap and effective drugs. The main ingredient is the same in Viagra and Nizagara but Nizagara is more cost effective and users have reported it to be useful in terms of getting better erection and getting rid of problem like impotence.

The 2nd unit for the company is working in Haryana, India.

You can get Nizagara 100mg here

Details on dosage and pricing:

100mg x 10 pills per pill the price is: $3.88 and total package price is $38.84

100mg x 30 pills per pill the price is: $2.27 and total package price is $68.11

100mg x 60 pills per pill the price is: $1.87 and total package price is $112.03

While ordering you can also check the bonus you are eligible to get on the website mentioned above.

The product has mixed reviews, for some it has worked well and for some it didn’t work. How the human body reacts to different ingredients is completely different and varies from individual to individual.

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