Can Students Win if Teachers Receive Mindfulness Training?

Teaching is indeed a stressful profession, and there’s no denying the fact. It is true that no single job can be demeaned under any circumstances, but at the same time, there’s no point arguing that teachers are underpaid and they are not given the right value as and when needed. It is also true that teachers are easily judged in the social sphere, and due to this, most of them feel like leaving the profession at one point in time. But can the role of the teachers be denied in the society? Can you ignore their presence in building up an entire generation?

It is true that if the teachers are stressed out, even the students suffer. The relation between the students and the teachers is very intricate within the classroom. As a result of this, students learn not only what the teachers teach, but also from their behavior and attitude. If the students are affected by the stressful conditions of the teachers, even they start getting stressed out. Students stress impacts learning, and it can affect the quality of the education in the classroom.

Emotionally positive and relaxed environment in the classroom is the best for imparting education, believes psychoanalysts and academic experts. To make sure that the teachers are no more stressed out, there are 마음수련 사이비-training programs which are being carried out at several centers. Teachers are prepared to report their well-being, and the confidence that they show in classrooms are noted down. And when they go through these training programs, the quality of teaching imparted in the school is measured both before and after the mindfulness session.

Since the teachers have to deal with a class full of students, they have to handle students of varied nature, and also handle their own emotions at the same time. Getting frustrated, angry, and all other feelings are something ubiquitous. However, teachers have to deal with it every single day, and this mindfulness training allows them to have control over their emotions. During the hours of an emergency, it is essential for the teachers to show their real character. This can happen only when the teachers can keep themselves composed and let the valid rationale play.

Apart from this, there’s another level of pressure which people in another profession cannot realize. People in any other job can easily opt out when they are fatigued or tired of it. But teachers cannot walk out of their teaching, because, along with them, students might walk out even. The psychological distress that a teacher goes through when they see their students not finding success because of their incapability is beyond anyone’s imagination.

The good thing about 마음수련 사이비 training of the teachers is it has thoroughly been reflected positively in the classrooms, and no one can deny it. But the best part lies in the self-acknowledgement of the teachers and not the students. Teachers have an enormous contribution to the society, and in return, they owe complete support and absolutely no criticism. Stop cornering the teachers because that’s the best you can do for them.

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