When Should Children Visit A Podiatrist?

Today, visiting a podiatrist is becoming a common thing to do as people are well aware about the problems that can be caused by their feet. According to professional sports podiatry Bondi Junction by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, children are receiving proper care from podiatrists on time, which will improve their health in the future, and when it comes to when they should visit a podiatrist, the answers is: as soon as possible.

A check-up at home

As there are many reasons why one should visit a podiatrist, you as a parent can easily check if your child has some sort of problems with your feet. The check-up is easy to do, and all you have to do is simply take a look at your child’s feet and see if there is something that you find unusual.

By that, we mean if the shape of the feet is a bit different, if the feet are not symmetrical, are the ankles straight or do they roll in, if the arch is visible or hidden, and if the toes of your child are normal. You should also pay attention to how your child walks, and you should communicate with your child and ask if they feel any pain in their feet.

Help your children feel no pain while they are having fun with your friends by taking care of their feet

The visit to a podiatrist

In most cases, the parents do get alerted due to no reason at all, as their child is too young and still in the first stages of development. So, even if you are doing check-ups at home, and you find something odd with your child’s foot, it is not a bad idea to wait until the age of 3 or 4 before you take your child to a podiatrist.

If you happen to notice some abnormalities on your child’s feet, you should take it to a podiatrist as soon as possible in order to prevent problems that could follow your child during their whole life. When you inform your child about the visit to a podiatrist, you should let it know that there is nothing to worry about as the check-ups and the procedures there are painless and the podiatrists are very friendly.

Flat feet – the most common problem

Even if there are many different issues that your child could face, the issue of having flat feet is by far the most common one, and the solution for them is very simple and painless. Podiatrist Kensington from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry says that detecting the issue of flat feet as soon as possible is a big help when it comes to fixing the problem.

Flat feet can be detected the easiest if the arch on your child’s foot is not visible during the weightbearing, if the ankles are rolled in instead of being straight, and you can easily notice if your child is putting their feet in a certain angle while walking due to discomfort of the flat feet.

The solution to flat feet, as mentioned earlier, is very simple and painless as it will involve a couple of everyday exercises that your child should do, while they should also wear a prescription of custom-made orthotics that will slowly move their feet in the proper shape, allowing them to feel no pain and discomfort while they are up on their feet.

Getting proper shoes or orthotics can go a long way for your child

Final Word

Taking good care of your child’s feet is very important, because if you happen to prevent a problem as soon as it shows up, the solution is going to be a lot quicker and easier to apply, and your child will live a much healthier life.


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