Cocaine Addiction: A Battle Worth Fighting

Addiction to cocaine has been around since the late nineteenth century, however it became more prominent in the seventies when crack cocaine was developed. An addiction to this drug can cause many problems for a person’s health and can even cause death if it is done excessively. When a person is addicted to cocaine, they often do whatever they have to get to their next high. There is hope for those that have this type of addiction however. When a person has come to the realization that they have an addiction to this drug, they can seek help in the form of various treatments. Places like Hillcrest Rehab can tailor a treatment regimen to your specific needs to help you overcome your addiction.


Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

One of the most commonly utilized types of therapy for treatment of addiction is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. This type of therapy will get to the root of why you began using the drug in the first place. It will then attempt to help you change your process of thinking that draws you to continue taking the drug. Most treatment for this type of addiction is done in the form of outpatient care, but there are always those that need to have inpatient care to help them through the process. Support groups are widely used for addiction to cocaine. This is because talking about different situations you are faced with when recovering from your addiction is easier to do with others that may be experiencing the same things. With some types of addictions medications can be used to help you along, however there are currently no medications approved for use to help with cocaine addiction. There are however, different medications that are being investigated to see if they have a real effect on those trying to kick their addiction and include: Disulfiram (used for alcoholism), muscle relaxers, antipsychotics, and anti-seizure medicine.


The use of cocaine can alter the function of the brain and damage different areas in the body. This is why it is important to quit using this drug as soon as you are able to. There are occasionally complications involved with fighting your addiction and they involve the physical and mental aspect. Physically, your lungs and heart can be adversely effected by use and the complications can arise once you try to quit. Mentally, many changes will occur when fighting your addiction. Some of them include: depression, anxiety disorders, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. This may seem like too much to handle, but it will definitely be better than the effects involved with continuing use.

Any addiction is hard to overcome, but with the help of a treatment plan, loved ones, and even a facility, you can find that the process is worth it. An addict must want the help as well, and they must be committed to fixing the problem. Treatment can help you to achieve a completely different outlook on life and what it has to offer, without the use of drugs.

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