Consume Phentermine To Get The Most Effective Weight Loss Results

Prior to 2005, a number of drugs were used either stand alone or in combination to facilitate weight loss. A few of them were prescription drugs and they were often prescribed for treating obesity.  Fen- Phen or a Fenfluramine and Phentermine was a such a combination, used to effectively treat obesity and to aid in weight loss. In later studies, it was found that Fenfluramine or Fen (as it was commonly known) resulted in heart valve problems or valvular regurgitation ( heart valve malfunction). As a result, Fen was withdrawn and Phentermine continued with approval from the medical community.


Phentermine is a prescription drug that’s classified as schedule IV drug and it belongs to the drug class of anorexiants described as central nervous system stimulants. It is considered to be the most effective weight loss drug and is used under doctors guidance without a fear of any side effects that were common to drugs used prior to 2005.

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How Phentermine works

Phentermine acts as an​ appetite suppressant. It affects the level of Leptin in the brain thereby makes you feel sated and curbs any desire to overeat. It also enhances the brain nerve impulses by releasing norepinephrine from terminals of nerves in the cerebral cortex and the reticular activating system. The reticular activating system (RAS) is the part of brain responsible for the following

  • Behavioral processes including motivation.
  • Circadian rhythm – sleep and waking
  • Autonomic processes such as breathing and heart contractions
  • Eating
  • Sexual libido
  • Preventing the sensory overload or the ability to focus on something​.

Using Phentermine and its Results

Phentermine is normally prescribed and administered by obesity treatment centers and bariatric specialists. It is normally clubbed with a low calories plan and a proper exercise regime. Phentermine acts as an​ appetite suppressant so clubbed with a proper exercise plan as is the norm, it has a potential to work wonders. Like any weight loss aid, the drug needs your determination and commitment towards losing weight. It helps you by suppressing your desire for food thereby curbing the overeating tendencies that are​the bane of any weight loss regime.

Buying Phentermine

Being a schedule IV drug it’s normally not available for sale online. It’s better to not look for it online especially if it’s available without a prescription because of following reasons

  • Depending on your location the brand you are buying could be illegal.
  • It could be
  • It may be a substitute of the genuine Phentermine, so it won’t be effective and could be harmful to you.

You should buy Phentermine only with a prescription and that too from a reputed pharmacy whether online or offline. Taking it under the guidance of a specialist is not only safe but it will also help you in losing excess weight effectively.

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