Crowdfunding for Maintaining Public Spaces

Things tend to go to seed if they are not looked after well. This applies to people and children and flower gardens and parks and buildings alike. That said, it is much easier to allow inanimate objects to fall into decay and neglect than live people. And so we let it happen.

This is a sad state of affairs because many of the public buildings and spaces, including beaches, plazas, squares, parks, monuments, museums, libraries, gardens, fountains, walkways, markets, even restaurants and hotel buildings in addition to official heritage properties fall into ramshackle condition which may even pose security threats to visitors and those who conduct business in the vicinity. They may pose fire threats. Repairs may be necessary, or a coat of paint, or more heavy duty restoration work. . Even if neither of these things are likely to happen, we have a responsibility as a community to ensure that our heritage spaces are conserved. They reflect our history and are emblems of the culture that we are products of.

Conservation, however, is an expensive business and there are very few individuals in any community who are wealthy enough to take the onus to do this single handedly for their communities. Instead, a better way of approaching the problem might be to choose crowdfunding India as the way out.

Crowdfunding India is a simple and democratic process that anyone can choose to raise funds online in India for any legal reason. The process is simple, easy, and free to start with. You start your fundraiser on a crowdfunding India platform; begin sharing your fundraiser link on social media, and start asking for donations from friends and supporters. In no time at all you can meet your target if you can find the right social media sharing plan. Most people have found striking success with crowdfunding in India, where crowdfunding has been done in unofficial ways for centuries especially for religious (therefore public) reasons. As long as your needs are clearly stated and explained persuasively to the community you are trying to serve, you are all set for success in the domain of crowdfunding India.

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