Feeling loose after child birth- Read this!

Sex after pregnancy seems like a battlefield which is not easy and simple. The adorable new moms cuddling with their newborns that you see on TVs are far away from the real life labor and delivery. Sometime it could take hours and your beautiful baby might come out with a lot of difficulty. And yes of course you lose your vagina entirely.

When giving a birth, the baby travels through the cervix and come out through the vagina. The opening of your vagina stretches to allow the baby through. Even doctors also cut the skin between your vagina and anus to give more space to baby. So you can see it’s not that easy. Post baby delivery, woman usually feels her vagina a little loose and dry, also feels pain during sex. Not only you but your partner also feels the same. Well this is common to all new mummies. But here are some ways you can improve your sex life post pregnancy. Let’s dig in the details:

Do communicate with your partner

Mutual understanding and communication is the therapy of a healthy and lovely relationship. Spend some quality time with your partner and help him understand that sex is a bit too much when you are already coping up with the demands of your newly born. However, assure him that while the baby is your current focus, it doesn’t mean you don’t love him at all or pushing him away.

Practice safe sex positions post baby delivery

It is preferable that you yourself explore your vagina gently before undergoing any sexual intercourse after childbirth. Make sure that you are completely aroused before penetration and always use lubricant for smoother sex. Keep changing your positions to best inhibit the penetration and find out which one worked best for you.

Relax and let things happen on their own

Feeling loose down there is completely natural after child birth. So there is nothing to feel pressured about if you are not ready for sex. During labor the cervical and vaginal muscles contract and expand rapidly which can cause this looseness in your vagina. But relax and give some time to yourself to regain your old shape. Additionally, you can use some external vaginal gel products to tighten your vagina.

Exercise regularly for tighter vagina

Exercising is always one of the best ways to tighten the vagina. Kegel exercising is highly recommended to women post pregnancy to keep the pelvic floors young and tight always. This 15 minute exercise involves the contraction of pelvic muscles for 10 seconds and then release them. Kegel exercise is easy and the best way to reshape a loose vagina.

Well the above mentioned methods are just some of the ways you can get rid of your loose vagina. But time is only the best thing that heals everything. Give your new self a little time and things will automatically fall in place.

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