Finding the Truth behind HGH Injections

Do you want to find out the truth behind HGH injection? Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or somatotropin is a small protein that has been synthesized by the pituitary gland which is the master regulator of hormones levels present in the body. It is normally synthesized more in children than in adults.

Availability of Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth hormone is mainly used by people who want to stay young in spite of the passage of time. The anti-aging property of this hormone makes it a popular product for use by all age groups. The use of Human Growth Hormone is prevented for children as the use of them would decrease the effect of the normal levels of the hormone in the body.  These growth hormones can be easily obtained as supplements in over the counter pharmacy or nutritional stores. The use of these hormones supplements does not require a prescription in tablet, or capsular form but cannot be sold without one in the case of injections. It is also available in the form of sprays that provides a good way to use these hormones instead of injecting it. It is advised to consult a doctor before deciding to take an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of the growth hormone.

Effects of the Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone is synthesized in adults in very low levels. The level of hormones pattern changes in the body throughout the day. It is dependent on the physical activity that you do. Regular exercising leads to increase in the hormone levels. The effect of these hormones is also dependent on the amount of sleep and stress levels. A goodnight’s rest increases the effect of these hormones.

The insufficient amount of the hormone in the body it needs to be replaced in the system. It can be done by sprays, tablets, capsules or injections.  In such cases, intake of subcutaneous injections would lead to triggering the pituitary gland.

Human Growth Hormone Injections

Human Growth Hormone as the name suggests, when present in the body that leads to the increase of height in children. In adults, they have similar effects. The use of the growth injections injects the hormone into the body of the user which allows them to increase the levels in the body. The injections are popular with the athletes as they cannot be traced in the urine samples, unlike oral steroids.

The use of injections is a costly alternative as each cost $25-$30. It needs about three injections to be to be taken to get the desired effect. It is one of the expensive therapy as it requires about $1000-$3000 a month. Some brands sell a powdered form of the injection which needs to be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water before use. An easier to use dosage pens are also present in the market which contains the solubilized powder and does not require refrigeration.

People are subjected to artificial hormone replacement therapy by use of intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of HGH need to be careful as they can lead to the side effects.  It is advised to consult the doctor before use.


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