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Are you someone who wants to excel in the field of cycling, power lifting or swimming? Then Anavar will probably put an end to your search. Being an anabolic steroid, Anavar or Oxandrolone helps you gain speed and strength. The best part is, due to its low androgenic properties it doesn’t get converted to estrogen in your body and it does not cause any major side effects. This built-in property makes this steroid milder compared to the rest available in the market.

Good compatibility with human body

Anavar is popular amongst both men and women due to its mild properties. This steroid is not to be used for building muscle mass, but it is effective for those who want to get rid of that extra fat and maintain the muscle mass, hardness, and strength when they are on cutting cycle. It leads to a good physique. It is not going to help you in bulking up, so you can take a dose of about 80mg per day when stacked with other anabolic steroids. This drug is available for oral consumption, hence when consumed it passes through your liver without any alteration in its molecular composition. It reaches the blood and is transported to the cell intact. This product does not help in building new muscle cells but helps in producing amino acid and protein chains faster. One using Anavar will notice a remarkable change in the images of men after their cycles as your body is in a better shape when the cycle ends.

Extremely beneficial

Most bodybuilders have embraced this drug gladly worldwide as it offers a bag full of beneficial traits like:

  • Boosts the fat burning process – If not directly, it is still known to promote the fat burning process in our body. It is believed that, in order to get a toned and vascular look, shedding that layer of subcutaneous layer of fat is very important.
  • Incredible strength – This steroid promotes metabolism and nitrogen retention. When your muscle retains more nitrogen you can work hard for a longer period.
  • Long-term gains – Although Anavar is known to offer minimum gains, but the gain is of high quality.
  • Available in the form of pills – The oral tablets are convenient to use.
  • No aromatization – Anavar is one of those steroids, which has no potential for aromatization. It means you can use this steroid without the fear of suffering from any kind of side effects caused due to the deposition of estrogen.

What a user has to say

Most users are extremely satisfied with the usage of this anabolic steroid. It has helped them in drastically reducing the fat in the stomach. They have also received a bunch of compliments about their physique. It has boosted their overall stamina and they could see the visible results in no time. The results were nothing lesser when compared to the images of men after their cycles available on the internet.The best part about this drug Anavar is, that it is one of the safest steroids when used responsibly.


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