How Does Botox Really Help?

Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a cosmetic and medical treatment which has seen an increase in demand since the last couple of years. Earlier considered as a treatment for the rich and famous, Botox has now been accepted by the upper-middle class and middle-class people as well, since it serves many purposes. Botox is mostly famous for its cosmetic uses. It can even out the skin, smoothen the wrinkles, crow feet and elevens (lines formed on forehead and area above the nose between eyebrows). One of the lesser known usages of Botox is for its medicinal ability to cure a migraine. To know how Botox works; both on your skin as well as your head, read on.

  1. Cosmetic Use of Botox

Botox injections are used in cosmetic treatments to smooth skin and remove wrinkles, crow feet, fine lines, and elevens. When injected into the muscle, it helps the muscle remain intact so that it cannot contract. If your facial muscles can’t contract, then there won’t be any wrinkles or crow feet. Injection shots are given in specific area muscles which show signs of ageing. It takes only half an hour to get the shots and then you are good to go. You might feel a minor discomfort for the initial couple of days, but you get used to it. There might be a slight redness in the injected skin for 3 days after the treatment, and the skin may look like you have freckles, but it goes away eventually.

  1. Medicinal Use of Botox

Botox is used for certain medicinal purposes, like curing chronic migraine, eyelids spasms, excessive sweating, and facial spasm or cross eye. Botox can cure spasms as it controls the movements of specific areas of muscles in which it has been injected. Lesser contraction of muscles also leads to less sweating. However, it hasn’t been fully discovered how Botox can cure headaches. Patients who were injected with Botox for other purposes reported a decrease in a migraine. Even though experiments have been done to study how that happens, no result has been achieved yet.

  1. Precautions

If you want to undergo a Botox treatment, or have recently got a Botox treatment, then there are particular precautions you must take care of so that you don’t ruin your skin.

  1. No medicines

You can’t take heavy medication like painkillers, antibiotics, etc., after you have undergone a Botox treatment. You need to consult a doctor before you take medications.

  1. Spas and facials are to be restricted

Immediately after getting a Botox, you can’t go for spas and facials for a couple of weeks. Again, you need to consult your dermatologist before you go to get any other beauty treatment.

  1. No exercise

After getting a Botox, you can’t exercise for at least 24 hours. Exercise causes muscle contraction and sweating which can completely ruin your Botox.

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