Importance of Good Oral Health For A Healthier You

A beautiful smile improves your confidence, health and self-esteem at any age. A healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand. Yes! Good oral health can improve your body’s overall health.

Do you know? Regular dental check-ups can do more than keeping your attractive smile, they can also tell your dentist more about your general health, including whether you are prone to develop any disease or conditions.

The Body-Mouth Connection:

Your mouth is a perfect window into what is going on in your entire body. It often serves as a vantage point for detecting early signs and symptoms of some.

Many Conditions Can Develop Oral Signs And Symptoms:

  • Dental care mainly focuses on preventing gum disease. The early symptoms of gum disease include tender and swollen gums, which can start bleeding. Bleeding gums may seem like nothing, but if left untreated it can eat away the gum tissues and underlying bones.
  • Chronic gum diseases can make diabetes more difficult to control.
  • Severe gum diseases may lead to preterm birth and result in a low birth weight baby.
  • Systemic conditions like Aids often first become apparent as mouth lesions.
  • Another main reason why your dentist in Parramatta takes gum diseases serious is that it is also connected with several health conditions including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Oral inflammation due to bacterial infection may also play a role in clogged arteries and blood clots, possibly increasing the risks of stroke or heart attack.

What Can You Do To Maintain Your Dental Health?

  1. Floss:

Cleaning between your teeth with dental floss is the best practice suggested by a Parramatta dentist, to prevent plaque formation between your teeth. The plaque can eventually lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing regularly can dramatically improve your oral health.

  1. Brushing:

Most people do not spend enough time in brushing their teeth, which can result in cavities and bad breathe. Invest in a good quality toothbrush and fight off the cavity. Spend full two minutes in brushing your teeth, reach and clean every corner of your mouth.

  1. Regular Cleaning:

Regular Brushing and flossing are a key component of great oral health. Visiting your dentist in Parramatta, who will use special tools to remove all plaque from your teeth, is vital to long-term oral health success. He will also examine your mouth for any early symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease and treat them.

  1. Go For Healthy Food Choices:

Have you heard? Food that is crisp and firm like apples help in cleaning your teeth naturally as they are eaten. Other healthy choices include celery and raw carrots. Go for foodstuff that will help in neutralising the acids in your mouth that reduce plaque formation.

A huge part of oral health down the road is becoming an active participant in your health. Start up a plan and stick to it. Set up regular visits to the best dental clinic in Parramatta, for a healthy you.

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