India has become a hub for medical tourists. The majority of people are clubbing their vacation with their medical treatment. The basic reason-India is comparatively cheaper than other countries and it provides a fairly good treatment procedure in comparison to other countries. Dermatologists in India have made quite a mark in people’s mind. The majority of people sit to India for skin treatments.

The cost of skin treatments in India is affordable that is the reason, to prefer India over other countries. India is developing day by day so medical facilities in India are much better than before. Indeed, each city of India is beautiful and good in skin treatments but skin doctor in Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai and Mumbai are extremely good in skin treatments because these all are metro cities of India. Especially skin doctor in Bangalore are highly qualified and experienced and their clinics are well-equipped.Image result for INDIA - A DESTINATION FOR COST EFFECTIVE SKIN TREATMENTS

Following are the some of the complex skin treatments for which tourists visit India-

Vitiligo treatment- India is considered to be the home of Ayurveda treatment. So there remains no doubt that people prefer India over all other destinations for this treatment. Skin dis coloration is clearly visible and people are conscious about it. It’s more of a social disorder than a medical one.

The global online presence of this treatment has helped people throughout the world to get rid of the white patches. It uses unique herbal formulations for the skin care treatment.  .It develops the immune system of the individual to help them fight against the bacteria.

For re-pigmentation Ayurveda health line is done which starts the depigmentation and the result is clearly visible within six to 8 weeks.

    Blister Grafting- this is usually done.A study was conducted with a sample of 10 patients were taken into consideration and the process of grafting was performed on them. cryotherapy and a manual suction device are used for removing blistering.This is advantageous to both recipient and the donor. After revaluation of the regimentation, it was observed that it was more than 90{e57abf90b25f0e28dca92805c8cf341aff0dcbac27f9aa5bc97ee118adb86dfa}.

    Grafting- In this, small sections of the skin are removed especially from the thigh or another region which remains hidden and used in the area where there is the need for skin. It is usually used in people who got burned and disfigured themselves.The grafted skin is forced to stay in one area by stitching them and covering them with tissue. Skin grafting might take a couple of months or more than that is not fixed.It depends on the intensity of the burn caused.

    Tattooing- One should be very careful while choosing their doctor for this treatment. It

Basically, involves evening out the skin tone. Doctors in Bangalore are expert in tattooing and so every year a considerable amount of people from all over the world flock to India for undergoing this treatment.

    Anti-Aging treatment-People now a days want to look like they don’t age at all. And it works the best if they can get it done at an affordable price. India nowadays has become the hub of cosmetic treatment.

    Chemical peel- A wonderful way to remove the hyperpigmentation or brown spot from your body is going for a chemical peel.It removes the top most layer of the skin.

    Fillers- The absence of collagen from our face makes our skin look hollow and more wrinkles appear on our skin. In order to make faces look young and full of volume artificial collagen is injected into our skin.

    Varicose Vein Treatment-This treatment is used to remove large unwanted veins near the skin surface. Saline injections are used for this process.

    Microdermabrasion- A textured metal wand is used in this process to smooth out the skin texture

    Laser restructuring- Here we are toning the skin by using collagen. The skin is made tighter smoother and way better. Blood vessels are strengthened and depigmentation is also prevented.

    Tattoo removal-It costs almost three to four times more for tattoo removal than to get a tattoo done. It is a very common culture in western countries to get the tattoo done and also remove it. In India, laser tattoo removal is used for removing the tattoo.

The high intensity of light is used to break through the colour and remove it. A lot of time is taken for tattoo removal. It depends on the depth, intensity and size of the skin colour. It also depends on the skin tone as in darker skin toned people take up more time to get the tattoo removed then the fair skin toned people.


Medical tourism is fast growing in India. We are promoting medical tourism now days so giving the comfortable environment for tourists from abroad. As I mentioned before that India provides complex treatments at the affordable cost and especially skin doctor in Bangalore have tremendous knowledge and the techniques they use are latest, clinics are well-equipped there. India is the best place to club your vacation with treatment so visiting India is worth.


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