Lousy weekday routines that can disrupt your Nutrisystem Diet program

Lousy weekday routines can disrupt any Nutrisystem diet program you are currently on. They can also make you miss out on the fun during the weekends. It has been found by a study in 2009 that as much as 20 percent calories are consumed by people during the weekends. This could come up with more than 400 calories addition daily.

Cheating during the weekdays will not only disrupt your diet, they will also add on the pounds during weekends. Calorie miscalculation of even a small amount of 200 daily adds on the pounds than splurging on the eats during the weekends.

What could be the lousy weekday routines to get rid of to stick to your diet program?

Losing much-needed sleep

Staying up late and losing out on the sleeping requirements seems to be on the top list of lousy weekend habits. Gaming, social networking, and binge-watching are the usual things that can make you lose sleep. Studies have found that getting low on sleep makes you prone to eat huge meals the following day. The temptation of eating while watching movies is also there.

The health conditions you are at risk of getting are weight gain and Type 2 diabetes. Sleep fatigue can also deprive you of working out in the morning. When this happens, you do not only disrupt the calorie burn, you also sabotage your sleep for the next night.

Exercising in the morning has been found to be beneficial to weight loss and sleep than not doing it or in the evening. A study involving overweight women between the ages 50 to 75 found that 70 percent of them slept better at night when they exercised 5 days a week for 45 minutes. The participants that never exercised or did it during the evening were not able to enjoy the same sleep benefit.

All day sitting routine

Sitting down the whole work day increases your health risk. It has been found by a study conducted by the American Cancer Society that the life span becomes shorter by 37 percent for women who sit behind the desk for 6 hours a day. Women who sat for less than 3 hours a day were found to live longer.

Sitting down also loses you the chance to boost up your metabolism for the day. It also means less fat burning which happens when you are standing. This is according to the findings of a study conducted by scientists at the University of Missouri.

Moving around burns fat and makes you more creative. A total of 200 calories can be burned a day is you take out the time to walk 10 minutes daily for each activity such as walking blocks from your workplace to get coffee, lunch or to your car. People seated while problem-solving gave less creative answers than people who walked before sitting down to take the same tests. This was found in a study done by scientists at Stanford University.

Ignoring the scale

The scale is an essential tool to have when weight loss is the goal. People have been found in a study by scientists in Minnesota to lose twice the amount of weight when they weigh every day.

Nutrisystem highly recommends checking the scales every week. The program suggests choosing the same time and day every week of your choice to do your weekly scale check. Bear in mind though that the menstrual cycle can make you heavier. This is because of the water retention. People have also been discovered in certain studies to weigh heavier during the weekends than on weekdays.

This gives the idea that the best day to check on your weight would be in the middle of the week. Measuring your waist, chest, calf, and arm with a measuring tape is also one way to determine weight loss. Weighing more on the scale but measuring less on the measuring tape is one way to keep tabs on your progress.

Eating while watching TV

Mindless eating means eating more before you finally become full. Mindfulness eating means checking out the different flavors of the food. Practicing this kind of eating also makes you feel fuller and satisfied with the food even when it is in portioned sizes.

This is not to say though that you have to meditate while eating. All you need to do is to focus on your meal by turning off all your gadgets.

In a nutshell

Your progress towards your weight loss program with Nutrisystem can get disrupted with some of your weekday routines. They may be seen as little things but big things happen because of them. Your own brand of self-discipline and self-determination will put you in good stead against the battle of the bulge.

Enjoying late nights and food trips not allowed during the weekdays can be more fun and relaxing when you’ve been on your best behavior from Monday until Friday. Who knows, these habits may be carried during the weekends as well to quickly get to your weight loss goal.

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