Male Pattern Baldness and the Solution of Hair Transplants

Pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness (MPHL) affects the male due to the combined effect of the genetics and the male hormone (Testosterone) also known as the Androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia, a genetic disorder causes the symptoms for the male pattern baldness and the receding hairline started from the top, crown, and the mid-crown portion in males. It also affects the female, but the role of hormone in presenting a female pattern of baldness (FPHL) is still unknown. In females, the symptoms of thinning of hairline appear instead of losing the hair. The complete form of baldness in the case of females are not presented and your Doctor/Surgeon recommends some medicines to control it, but only the procedure of hair transplant is a final solution to get back the original hair. The hair transplant only has an aesthetic outcome if done by the expert hair transplant Surgeon from the reputed place and the hair transplant in Jaipur ranked first in this row to offer the best hair restoration procedure in India.

Genetic make-up for presenting the Male Pattern Baldness

The genetic cause of hair loss which is known as Androgenic alopecia severely affects the male and presents the male pattern baldness due to the genetic calculation that is transferred from either the parental sides or the maternal sides. It has been found out that the genetic make-up for causing the hair loss can only be prevented by hair transplants if you have good donor area coverage for the hair transplant procedure. The Genetic sign appears due to the androgens and androgen receptors are responsible for the initial symptoms for the male pattern baldness, i.e., Androgenic alopecia.

Other associative Factors for presenting the baldness in Male are as follows:


The male sex hormone named, Androgen is responsible for causing the male pattern baldness. When the androgen combines with 5-alpha-reductase and catalyse the formation of Di-hydro testosterone from Testosterone (a type of Androgen hormone) in certain tissues, including the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, skin, hair follicles, brain and liver presents the male pattern baldness with starting the symptoms of the receding hairline from the top, crown, the frontal portion and from the mid-crown portion.


Pattern hair loss by the age of 50 affects about half of males and a quarter of females and play a pivotal role in presenting the pattern hair loss situation. Sometimes an androgen paradox situation can be presented and in this case due to the androgen hormone the facial hair growth increases but suppresses the scalp hair. It is a particular case of the hormone changing due to the ageing factor.

There are a number of hair loss forms that appears due to the ageing factors are jotted down below:

  • Decrease in Testosterone
  • Decrease the catalytic formation of the DHT
  • Increase in SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin)
  • Decrease in androgen receptors, 5 alpha-reductase type I & type II activity

Solution: The Hair Transplantation

The hair transplantation is the process of shifting the hair roots from the donor portion to the recipient one in such a manner that the patient gets a head full of hair without any side effect and discomfort with performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. The process of hair transplant is performed by mainly two techniques, namely the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant. Both the techniques have a same way for the dissection, implantation and re-growing rate, but are different in step of harvesting/extraction and that has a pivotal role in the outcomes of the procedure.

The FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT hair transplant is an acronym of the Follicular Unit Transplant and involves the strip harvesting of the skin from the safe donor portion. The FUT technique has an ability to provide a number of grafts/hair follicles as the strip of the skin contains the many numbers of grafts and can get at the same time in order to cover the bald portion. It is a traditional technique and is primarily chosen in the case of the higher grade of baldness.

The FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE stands for Follicular unit extraction applies the random punching technique by the use of punching machine that has the limitations in providing the desired number of grafts and is mainly practised in the case of body hair transplant (BHT). The FUE is not suitable in the case of a higher NW class of baldness as the technique has obligated on the donor portion extraction because every punching needs an aesthetic distance for next one and this makes a limitation for getting the desired number of grafts.


Summarizing all, the problem of hair loss has a major cause of genetic and some other factors that are associated with our physiological and anatomical strata. If the genetic factors combine with the other factors of age and hormone presents the severe case of the baldness and the permanent solution is only available with the procedure of hair transplants.


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