Need for Tooth Fillings – Get the Facts

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Decay is one of the most widespread dental conditions that patients undergo. This could be solved by means of advancement in the cosmetic dentistry called the tooth fillings. What do you know about tooth fillings? It’s one of the great approaches to restore the function of the tooth damaged by decay or injuries. During the filling, the dentist first removes out the decayed tooth stuff, cleans the affected site, and then fills the cavity with a filling material.

A tooth filling prevents the spread of decay in the teeth. It helps to protect the structure of the tooth. If you ignore to fill a cavity, it will continue to become worse and result in the loss of the entire tooth. Here, the dentist in Rozelle offers some tips to know the necessity of tooth fillings.

Tooth Filling Procedure:

Before the tooth filling procedure, the dental professional will numb your teeth and the surrounding gums to avoid any sort of distress. Then, he/she will drill out the decay in the tooth and replace it with a filling material. It only takes a few minutes. After the procedure, your mouth will most likely remain numb for a few more hours. Tooth fillings are not only used to fill a cavity in the tooth but also they can be used to repair the damage in the teeth caused by teeth grinding or some other injuries.

Generally, a tooth filling involves a two-step process. The first step involves the removal of decayed stuff within the tooth caused by the build-up of bacteria. The next step is the application of filling material over the tooth which is affected by decay or injuries. By closing the area where bacteria can step in, a tooth filling helps prevent further decay. The main types of tooth fillings include composite and amalgam fillings. The emergency dentist in Rozelle states that a tooth filling effectively seals off the impaired area, and prevents further bacterial invasion, thereby preserving your oral health and stability of the tooth.

What Are All The Common Types Of Tooth Fillings?

  • Amalgam Fillings: They are widely used by the dental professionals. These metal fillings use materials such as zinc, mercury, tin or copper. They are strong and durable stuff. They are also more affordable.
  • Composite Fillings: They are flexible and can easily be driven to match the colour of your tooth. They also help to fill the spaces between the teeth to give a complete dental look. They last for a long time when compared with other tooth filling procedures.

What Are All The Benefits Offered By Tooth Fillings?

The cosmetic dentist in Rozelle provides some excellent benefits offered by the tooth filling procedure.

  • Tooth filling procedure is rapid.
  • They are aesthetically attractive.
  • They are Long-lasting and offer excellent flexibility.
  • Protect the structure of the tooth.
  • Offer a healthy smile.
  • Help maintain good oral health.

When planning for a tooth filling procedure, consider the dentist in Rozelle!

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