Psychological Erectile Dysfunction And How to Treat It

Otherwise commonly referred to as ED, erectile dysfunction is a condition which affects approximately ten percent of all males around the world. However, its prevalence tends to increase with age. Up to half of all men will experience erectile dysfunction while in their 50s and beyond. While there are many medical treatment options available, the psychological impact of ED can be just as severe. Let us take a brief look at some common ways to mentally adapt as well as a handful of treatment options advocated by professionals.

The Sufferer is Never Alone

One of the issues associated with erectile dysfunction is that it is a very sensitive subject to discuss; particularly with friends and family. This is why many tend to suffer in silence. Without communicating the issue, it is nearly impossible that a viable solution will come to light. One of the ways to counteract this feeling is to appreciate the fact that the condition is much more widespread than many initially realize. This is why it is a good idea to seek the help of online support groups where everyone can remain completely anonymous.

Appreciating the Psychological Roots of ED

Experts believe that up to 20 percent of all cases of ED are rooted in some form of anxiety. Whether referring to a job, finances or marital issues, the fact of the matter is that stress can play a massive role. There are many times when reducing these levels of stress will reverse the symptoms of ED. The main issue is that some men refuse to recognize that they may be suffering from negative emotions and as a result, the situation will remain unchecked. Those who suspect that increased levels of anxiety may be causing ED should seek the help of a professional to ultimately determine the cause.

Addressing Performance Anxiety

While this concept is slightly similar to the last paragraph, it is important to cover the topic in a separate section. Many men who eventually overcome ED are worried that it may occur again in the future. This can result in a positive feedback loop which ultimately becomes prophetic. It is therefore important to understand the mental “mechanics” of how ED can manifest itself.

Specific Medications

Let us assume for a moment that it has been found that a particular case of ED is caused by stress. The advent of modern medicine signifies that there is a host of options available. Some of these can come in the form of herbal supplements such as ginseng or valerian root. These will often lower levels of anxiety and thus, help to treat ED. There can be other times when prescription medications are warranted. These tend to be very effective and will work in the majority of cases. Once again, they are likewise able to reduce the psychological impact of this condition over time.

Appreciating the ways to mitigate the psychological impact of ED is one of the best ways to manage the condition. Still, we all need to understand that it is perfectly natural to experience performance issues as we age. It is our ability to deal with such changes that will ultimately determine whether or not we can lead happy and romantically satisfying lives.

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