Reasons Why You Should Never Self-Detoxify from Illicit Drugs

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Some drug dependents and addicts think that it is perfectly okay for them to initiate the detoxification process since it only involves the complete cessation of the consumption or exposure to the offending drug. On the contrary, detox is not really as easy as it sounds as there are plenty of implications stemming from the withdrawal of the offending substance from the body. Here are a few reasons why you should never self-detoxify from illicit drugs.

  • Insufficient understanding of the clinical significance of detoxification 

Drug detoxification is unlike the detox drinks that you buy off the shelf from your favorite health shop. This doesn’t come in bottles or even in capsules that you pop into your mouth, give a few hours to work, and you’ll be done with detox. It is also not about drinking sufficient amounts of water to help clear the ‘toxins’ from the body through the kidneys. There are simply a lot of things that many people do not understand about the use of detoxification in drug addiction rehabilitation. This lack of understanding can have dire consequences if not addressed properly. 

  • Increased risk of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms 

One of the things that can make drug detox quite scary is the risk of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Since detoxification essentially forbids you from taking the offending substance, your body can go into what experts call as withdrawal. It is typically characterized by a variety of symptoms that are the exact opposite of what illicit drugs provide. So if you don’t feel pain whenever you take the illicit drug, then withdrawing from it will lead to the development of severe pain. Likewise, other physiologic parameters can go haywire leading to the development of fatal seizures, renal insufficiency, and even respiratory depression. The point is that you can actually lose your life if you go into withdrawal. 

  • Lack of proper guidance and support 

If you are self-detoxing and you suddenly go into severe withdrawal, there will be no one to help you. Even if you have your family with you, they don’t have the necessary emergency medical skills to initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation if it comes down to it. Sure, they can call for emergency medical responders, but as you wait for the EMTs to arrive, precious oxygen is not being delivered to the brain, the heart muscle, the lungs, the liver, and other vital organs. You can bring yourself or your family can bring you to the ER but this would not really be necessary anymore if only you had the detox in a Houston sober living recognized healthcare facility. 

  • Doesn’t guarantee complete removal of offending substance 

How can you be sure that your self-detoxing has completely eliminated the offending substance from your body? You will need a series of diagnostic and laboratory examinations to help you confirm if there are still remnants of the drug in your system. Honestly, you won’t have to go through such hassle if only you did not self-detox.

The picture we painted may be bleak, but it’s the reality. You’re better off being supervised by a qualified and duly trained professional should you wish to undergo drug detoxification.



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