The Wreck Bag May be the Most Important Piece of CrossFit Equipment

CrossFit may be a bit of a personal training and social phenomenon but if you look at the strategies and philosophies behind the workout craze it is easy to see why it has become so popular. Indeed, CrossFit is more than just a training regiment: it is a community of peers and experts who work very hard and efficiently to maximize results for everyone who participates.  These workouts are designed to range in difficulty and to use both standard gym equipment and innovative rigs that improve your workout efficiency.


Here is one way that CrossFit does things just a little differently:  instead of using the standard sandbag in workouts, CrossFit has designed a special piece of Platinum Rig equipment known as a Wreck Bag.  The Wreck Bag is a bit like a combination of a medicine ball and a large duffel bag. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor workouts because it is actually more durable than a sandbag. The Wreck Bag has a more rugged, durable outer shell with handles that can take lots of abuse.  In addition, the Wreck Bag is filled with a shock absorbing compound (instead of sand) that actually improves their facility.  Image result for The Wreck Bag May be the Most Important Piece of CrossFit Equipment


Fitness training is hard, these days, because everyone is so busy just trying to make ends meet. Stress can make it harder to workout—even though exercise is the best stress reliever—so a Wreck Bag can help to make it all a little easier.  It is convenient and simple, helping you maximize your workouts so you can commit only a minimal amount of time (as you have available).  They are versatile in that you can use them to perform various workouts without having to change equipment.


The best personal training programs focus on improving the body as a whole. Sure, you might do exercises that only work on one particular muscle group at a time, but the goal is to improve strength and integrity all over.  Using a Wreck Bag is perfect for this since you can lift with it or add as a moldable weight for a treadmill run, a stair climber, cross country run, for core workouts, and so much more. Indeed, with a Wreck Bag you can ensure you will always get the most out of your total body physical training sessions.

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