Tips to follow if you’re on a gluten-free diet

Are you someone who is worried about being gluten-intolerant? Or are you already suffering from coeliac disease? Coeliac disease is a serious auto-immune disease which is caused by the immune system when it reacts with too much gluten. Gluten is a protein which is found in barley, wheat and rye. The treatment that you can think of during such a condition is opting for a gluten-free diet throughout your life.

For all those who have recently been diagnosed with this condition, the thought of an entirely gluten-free diet can seem intimidating initially but if you’re equipped with the right knowledge, you can easily adapt yourself to this diet. Here are few tips to follow.

  • Make it a habit to read food labels while shopping

Did you know that all packaged food is covered by a law on allergen labelling which means that by reading it, you will know whether or not the product is suitable for gluten-free diet? In case some cereal containing gluten has been utilized as an ingredient for making the product, it should be listed. The specific grains are wheat, barley, rye, oats or any other grain which has been made through breeding all these.

  • Know how to use substitutes which are gluten-free

Bread, pasta and crackers all contain gluten but does that always mean that you have to exclude them from your diet? No, even without excluding them, you can enjoy the foods in your diet. You can switch to the same foods but which are gluten-free. They can be found in any health and food stores. Pasta, bread, crackers, cereals and bread rolls, all come in gluten-free form. This way you can prevent coeliac disease from attacking you.

  • Remember the foods which are naturally gluten-free

There are few fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, meat, cheese, fish and eggs which are gluten-free in their natural form. Hence you can use these basic foods while taking your meals.

  • Know the type of alcohol you should avoid

Gluten-free alcohol usually includes wine, cider, spirits, sherry, liqueurs and port but you should remember that lagers, beer, stouts and ales contain different amounts of gluten which may not be suitable for you, especially if you’re on a gluten-free diet. If you want to know whether gluten free diet can help you in losing weight, follow this blog link.

Coeliac disease affects 1 among 100 people in the US and yet only 10-15{e57abf90b25f0e28dca92805c8cf341aff0dcbac27f9aa5bc97ee118adb86dfa} of them get diagnosed. If you think you have this auto-immune disease, you should opt for gluten-free diet or get in touch with a doctor or a health professional who can help you with the right advice.

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