Top Reasons Why You Should Take Your Cat Regularly To Your Vet

Your pets are animals and even if you can take pride in knowing them through and through, you cannot be sure about identifying anything and everything going wrong in their body on time. This is where regular vet visits come into picture. Only a professional vet can check your cat for common diseases and ensure that the cat is in the best health.

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Why to Take a Seemingly Normal Cat to a Vet?

Any pet parents may feel that if their cat is behaving normally and eating well, they need not take him to the vet. According to them, he just has to be taken to the vet only if he is ill. However this thinking is not right. Your vet, like Gordon Vet, can play an important role in lessening the risk of your cat falling ill in the first place.

Early Diagnosis

Cats undergo many medical conditions that are not noticed by untrained eyes but if they are detected and treated early, the result is often better. A good example of this is hyperthyroidism. If you have a 14 year old cat who is meowing continuously for food and has started using your indoor plants as a litter box, you may look at these gestures as nothing but a trouble.

However, if you mention them to your vet, they will at once identify that an increased appetite and behavioral changes (usually coupled with weight loss) may be early symptoms of a hyperactive thyroid gland and will prescribe you blood tests to ascertain it.

So also, a quick blood examination can find high blood sugar in your cat much before he starts showing signs of diabetes and you can take measures to reduce the progression of the disease.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

When you take your cat to your veterinarian, the vet will help you plan the required treatments for the year ahead. This will help you win over parasites like ticks and fleas.

Annual checkups are also the best opportunity to find the body condition score of your cat. E.g. if he has started to put on a little weight, your vet can make you aware of it and then you can modify his diet accordingly before obesity steps in to pose havoc to his wellness.

Similarly with the best options available nowadays, you can control fleas on your cat in time by taking him to your vet. Your vet will prescribe safer medications than chemical insecticides which were used in the past to control fleas. This means that when you take your cat to your vet you also become aware of new products that are safer for your cat.

Get Along Well with Your Vet

Your kittie may be a bit reserved and may often feel upset while visiting unknown places and meeting new people. Obviously the vet clinic is one such strange place for her full of new people. If she meets your vet a few times, she’ll be well acquainted with him and will be less stressed up if she would have to stay in hospital for a few days.

Even the veterinary staff will be with your cat for a little longer and give him treats and stroke him. This will certainly help to reduce his stress.

Thus visiting your vet several times between the annual checkups is a good idea to get him a cuddle and treats without having to undergo any unpleasant activities like taking his temperature. This will help him look at the vet visits more positively.

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Keeping Your Cat Well with Regular Vet Visits

If an award winning West Lindfield vet such as Gordon Vet sees your cat regularly over the years, they will get very well acquainted with him and will know what is normal for him. They can quickly come to know if there is something wrong. As a result, there will be an early diagnosis, early treatment and early recovery. So, keep your cat healthy always by visiting your vet regularly.

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