What You Need to Know About Causation in a Personal Injury Claim

Causation disputes arise when the third-party disputes the scenario of the accident for instance third-party disputes the accident took place at all or that, the way it took place indicating the claimant is at fault not the third-party. This kind of dispute is normally resolved through a specialist investigatory report by vehicle engineers or accident investigators who generally check the damage and speak to witnesses etc. Although usually the dispute is generally resolved prior to court action in some cases can go to court a last a very long time and delaying your personal injury claim.

By far one of the most popular type of personal injury claim today comes because of a road traffic incident. Here one party causes (also referred to as the third-party) the accident and one party or more suffers as a result. If the causation of the accident isn’t disputed by the third-party or their insurance company, the insurance company of the third party will then start to negotiates with your attorneys, such as the Meldon Law Firm to come to a settlement.

The claimant’s solicitors will normally gather medical evidence to prove and assess the extent of the injury together with an assessment of damages. this will give them an indication of how much the compensation should be. At this point, normally the third-party will start to make an offer or offers to settle the claim which in return will be communicated to the claimant by the solicitor. At this point the claimant can accept or reject the offer or make a counter offer. If a counter offer is made the insurance company can accept if they believe it to be reasonable or reject. If the offer or counter offer is rejected by the claimant or third-party insurers the claim can be bought to a court. If however the offer or counter of is accepted the compensation will be issued to the claimant for the personal injury claim please be advised once the offer has been accepted the claimant will not be able to pursue any further damages in respect of this personal injury claim.

Accident at work or employer’s liability claims

An employer’s liability claim or better known as accident at work claims arise when an employer neglect his duty to make sure the employee has a safe working environment which results in the employee suffering from a personal injury. In the event of such a incident the employee should ensure he follows all protocols laid down in his/her employment contract and make sure the company records the incident in the accident log/book. If there are any witnesses to the incident make sure you take down as many details as possible also make a note of as many details surrounding the accident at your earliest convenience whilst its fresh in your mind. Once you have instructed a good personal injury claims solicitor they will then start to negotiate with the employer much like the car accident claims procedure and the you the compensation you deserve.

Much like the employers liability case here the personal injury lawyer once instructed by the claimant will carry out searches to find the owner of the property with the defect and prove liability. The claimant should take pictures and gather as much evidence as possible. Measurements, place, description and pictures of the defect are the most helpful types of evidence the claimant can gather. These points are ver important in personal injury claims.

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