Why Thermitight Skin Tightening Is Very Beneficial?

When you have lost a lot of body weight or you have aged a lot then it is natural for your skin to lose its elasticity gradually. If you wish to tighten the sagging skin after a weight loss or if you prefer to look youthful then opting for Thermitight skin tightening would be a wise decision.

About Thermitight skin tightening

The Thermitight skin tightening is the one of its kind procedure that is capable of reversing all the signs and effects caused by aging by penetrating through the skin layers without any surgical procedure. This non invasive procedure for skin tightening is designed to deliver controlled thermal energy that makes it an apt choice for lower face and neck. Even though using radio frequency is not new in the files of dermatology, this procedure, Thermitight skin tightening is the first of its kind to apply the RF energy beneath the skin thereby avoiding the issues like skin sensitivity and irritation. It also is free from the limitation about the application of energy and its amount.

How Thermitight Skin Tightening Procedure Is Performed?

The procedure of Thermitight skin tightening is performed by making a small probe under the skin to apply the radio frequency energy directly in the layers. It is a safe procedure that is performed through the guidance of advanced thermal image in real time while monitoring the external temperature of the skin during the procedure. As the procedure is performed by constantly monitoring the internal temperature, skin shrinkage begins in an instant fashion by optimal heating in the deep tissue level. The skin tightening procedure can be a great choice to tighten the skin of your abdomen, neck, knees, face and arms.

As only a tiny incision is made with the probe there is no need of a suture. It is performed within a small time period that makes it a convenient procedure that assures permanent results at a less price. There are no side effects or discomfort after undergoing this procedure. The area would have reddish look and slight swelling for 3 to 5 days.

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