Wisdom Teeth Removal – Myths and Facts

As the name indicates, the wisdom teeth do not appear until you are old enough and wise enough to get it. That means the wisdom teeth arrive between the ages of 17 and 25. They are four in number and grow at the very back of your mouth, two in the upper jaw and two at the lower jaw. But most people don’t have enough space to accommodate the wisdom teeth, and so it causes various dental issues such as tooth impaction, crowding, tooth decay, and cavity. On the other hand, few peoples may not get wisdom teeth in their lifetime. There are many mysteries about wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne, and few are mentioned below.

Myth #1: Everyone’s Wisdom Teeth Are the Same

Fact: Speaking about wisdom teeth, everyone has their own experience. Some people have four wisdom teeth, some have two, and some don’t even get single wisdom teeth. This doesn’t have any impact on your facial structure and body makeup.

Myth #2: Wisdom Teeth Don’t Have Any Purpose

Fact: The main purpose of wisdom teeth is to make chewing easier. In olden days, our ancestors have to deal with heavy diets such as meat, roots, leaves, and nuts. So the wisdom teeth are not just for decoration or make you wise or feel old.

Myth #3: Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed While You Are Young

Fact: There is no specific age for removal of wisdom teeth in Melbourne. In some cases, few people may not require wisdom teeth removal. The decision to remove your wisdom teeth depends on whether it causes any issue to the patient or not. If it there is no issue caused due to the growth of wisdom teeth, it is not necessary to remove them. Consulting your dentist can help you know the condition of your wisdom teeth and act accordingly. But if you come to know that your wisdom teeth will cause any issue in the future through your dentist, then it is recommended to remove your wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

Myth #4: Wisdom Teeth Related Issues Increases With Age

Fact: It is not evident that the wisdom teeth issue increases with age. It is an unsubstantiated claim that problems with impacted wisdom teeth increase with age. There is no scientific data for this claim.

Myth #5: Smoking and Drinking Won’t Affect the Healing Process

Fact: It is recommended to quit or at least avoid smoking and drinking for few days after the wisdom teeth removal process. Smoking and drinking can slow down the healing process and can increase the risk of getting an infection and could increase the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne. Due to this reason only, your dentist will suggest avoiding smoking and drinking after the wisdom teeth removal procedure.

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