Welcome! I started Living with Healthy Hunger in June 2010. I was looking for a creative outlet so I opened up this space to share my passions for fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. I’ve connected with incredible people and companies through blogging, and I’m grateful for what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. I don’t write as nearly as frequently as I once did, but this site has been my online journal – a place to blog about travels, personal challenges, adventures, health, and everyday life.

After living in Dallas, NYC, Belize, Dallas (again), and NYC (again), we landed in Santa Monica, CA in April 2013. We now reside in Venice, CA, where I co-founded a Social Media Consulting Firm, Lunch Break Digital, allowing me to work from home and focus on other areas of interest like yoga, cooking, and writing. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communication Studies. I’m also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I love yoga, hiking, road trips, bike rides, picnics, long conversations with new and old friends, and my pup, Maple. My name is Dorry.

I struggled for years with a desperate desire to control my surroundings and the outcome of my life. I was constantly rushing from one thing to the next, deeming myself “impatient,” missing the present moment, and driven by anxiety, doubt, and fear. That taxing mentality manifested in many destructive actions, namely restrictive eating. I knew there was a different way. I began to think of hunger as something much greater than solely being associated with food and eating.

What are you hungry for? What feeds your soul and makes you come alive? What information awakens your mind? Which relationships leave you nourished and fulfilled? What workouts leave you feeling energized and balanced?

I believe asking yourself those types of questions is crucial in order to make decisions that are in line with the life you are designed to live. A life with inner peace and joy, and the ability to show up in the world with kindness, compassion, and authenticity.

The challenging times in my life have opened my eyes to finding purpose in the pain. There’s beauty in suffering. When we acknowledge our pain, however uncomfortable, rather than pushing it away with an array of distractions, we have the transformative opportunity to embrace and practice compassionate living – for ourselves and others.

It took many years, but I was able to mend the broken relationship I had with myself and with food. I believe that nutrition plays a significant role in physical health, mental wellness, disease prevention, healing illness, fueling for fitness, and simply enjoying life with friends and family. With my desire for optimal health and a deep connectedness to myself and others, I continue to learn and grow on a daily basis.

I love to cook and nourish my body with whole foods. I’m currently eating an anti-inflammatory diet to heal my body and manage autoimmune disease. I direct my love and energy into my relationships, my yoga and meditation practice, my business, adventures, and being outside.

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