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Hello! Welcome to Living with Healthy Hunger. My name is Dorry and I’m a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I offer guidance to individuals and groups who are seeking a healthy lifestyle, but perhaps aren’t sure where to begin.

With heaps of conflicting information readily available online (which makes it that much more confusing), you can spend far too much precious time researching and experimenting without seeing the results you desire. Results like consistent energy, weight loss, optimal digestion, strong immune system, mental clarity, and on and on.

Bioindividuality is at play. Your body is beautifully unique, and your genetics and experiences are key pieces in the intricate puzzle of wellness. The truth is that our bodies are designed to function with ease, but with the 21st-century lifestyle most of us have adopted, the state of the food industry (factory farming, big agriculture, GMOs, etc.), and environmental toxins in our air and water, we face an extensive list of daily barriers to a healthy, balanced mind + body.

Through extensive education and my own personal journey to health (which I’ve humbly discovered is never-ending), I’ve learned the building blocks to teach others how to live in sync with their bodies, primarily through a nourishing diet of whole foods, but also with a focus on additional aspects of health and wellness – spirituality, physical activity, career, and relationships. From recipes and daily energy boosters, to morning meditation and achieving the ever elusive work-life balance, my programs are tailored for individual needs and goals.

A starting point:


  • understanding nutrition
  • managing stress
  • nurturing relationships
  • staying active
  • achieving goals


  • relationships
  • spirituality
  • career
  • diet
  • physical activity
  • emotional health
  • overall happiness


  • what to eat and why based on your body’s specific needs
  • about digestive health and your immune system
  • which supplements are necessary for your optimal health
  • how to overcome emotional eating
  • the reasons behind your cravings
  • how to listen to hunger cues
  • how to stay healthy while traveling
  • healthy tips for weight loss (or weight gain)
  • which fitness classes or programs are effective..for you
  • how to stay active without stepping foot in a gym


  • individual programs based on your specific needs and goals
  • goal coaching for every area of your life
  • one-on-one confidential counseling and emotional support
  • personalized meal plans and grocery lists
  • realistic tips to become your happiest, healthiest self
  • how to cultivate peace and healing in your daily life, moment to moment
  • and much more…

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