Can hair transplant create new Hairline?

We all are very concern for the health of hair as hair is considered to have the most aesthetic appeal for our look. But, nowadays premature baldness is a very common issue among youth due to many reasons like air pollution, improper diet, extensive use of hair products containing harmful chemicals and last but not the least genetic issues. It is very true that baldness largely impacts on person’s appearance. No matter how beautiful is your face, baldness always dominates your look. People may wrongly judge your age by seeing baldness.

Hair transplant surgery is a revolutionary discovery in medical science which will help you in getting back your natural look and of course, you will feel the positive change in your life. Also, remember that hair transplant in Ludhiana is a permanent solution of baldness. You can regain your self-esteem with the natural looking long lasting hair by this unique surgical procedure. So, hair transplant surgery is no doubt the only effective way to fight against baldness. In this surgical process, hair follicles are removed from the donor area and grafted on the bald zone which is known as recipient area of the scalp. And yes, recreating a new hair line similar to the original one is the most difficult challenge surgeon faces for a successful hair transplant surgery.

Significance of hairline in hair transplant surgery

A hairline is defined as the borderline between the scalp hair and forehead. Hairline helps to form the shape of your face and truly speaking it is very important for one’s richness of face. So, it is expected from a well-experienced surgeon to take care of hairline design while conducting hair transplant surgery. As the main motto of hair transplant surgery is to restore your natural look, it is extremely important to determine the correct design of new hairline. Many times, it has been observed that after surgery an unnatural poor hairline results in embarrassing ‘pluggy” look. So, always discuss this matter with your surgeon before undergoing any surgery. Generally, a good physician will always follow several cosmetic rules in designing of the new hairline.

Important guidelines forcreating a new hairline during hair transplantation?

Recreating hairline is a simple procedure which is generally applicable for male pattern baldness. With the advancement of medical science, many cosmetic guidelines and tools are available for creating a new hairline. But, doctors should always keep in mind the following steps while hair transplantation surgery,

  • The first step is to divide the face into three equal proportions.
  • From mid-glabellar point, the proportions should be 8 cm in measurement.
  • If people have less number of hair in the donor area, then surgeon should go for different shapes of forelock.
  • Remember one thing that a natural hairline cannot be a straight line. So, while designing a cosmetic hairline, surgeon should be careful that the end result should not be a straight hairline.
  • The recreated hairline should be one that mixes with other facial features. Before going for final surgery, a well experienced physician should always be careful about the contour of original hairline, ethnicity of the patient, sex, age, quality of original hair, characteristics of hairs donor area and also the desire and expectation of patient which is the most important part. After evaluation of all these, a doctor can only ensure a natural appearance post-surgery.
  • Be sure that while operating your surgeon is well equipped with highly trained technician team. Thesuccess of a surgery is very much dependent on the associated technicians of the surgeons.
  • Don’t graft large size follicular units with four or five hairs at your hairline zone. Naturally, follicular units at hairline zone consist of only one or two hairs. Our eye expects a thicker hair beyond hairline.
  • Though hairline can be reconstructed surgically, it is better to get the preferred one in one go. Thus, to have the best result of hair restoration, complete agreement between patient and doctor is very much required.


From the above discussion, it is very evident that hair transplantation is a great technique which rejuvenates your look without any kind of side effects. Also, no rigorous medication is necessary which can also be harmful to your body. So, the first step for you is to locate a perfect clinic with best doctors. Like all over the world, India is also becoming a leader in hair transplant surgery. In non-metro cities like Ludhiana is emerging as a hot destination for hair transplant surgery. Many reputed and recognized clinics in India offer their excellent service at a reasonable rate. In case of emergency, you can always consult your doctor by online consultation. So, alleviate your doubts and come to Ludhiana to avail the best effective hair transplantation without exceeding your budget.


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