Cavities which left untreated are very painful

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In this era, everyone is taking care of their teeth because problems regarding teeth are increasing day by day. Some problems should cure on time because in future it becomes lengthy to treat and sometimes more painful. Some problems like-

  1. Yellowish teeth
  2. Cavity
  3. Gum bleeding
  4. A toothache

These problems regarding teeth are increasing. And some people are not bothering it but some who are caring for themselves they go to the new Westminister dentist on a regular basis. Because they are experts and give better suggestions and treatment for their problem. There are solutions of all problems available to the expert dentist. Like for cavity, if it is untreated, it would be painful.

Symptoms of cavity

  • Brown or blackening of tooth
  • Sensitivity in that particular tooth
  • Severe pain when eating with that side.
  • Holes in the tooth
  • A toothache continues sometimes


Normally, when cavity started, you don’t know about it. It increases slowly. There is a suggestion that you should consult a doctor on a regular basis. So, that he can give you the advice to cure it. If the cavity increases it damages the nerves. They get infected. To cure this one treatment is there that is Root canal treatment. In this treatment, the dentist cleans your nerves of teeth and make them dead. And then they protect it by closed chamber or cap. Which helps in to cover your filled tooth. Due to dead nerves, patient relieves from a toothache.

These are the causes and treatment of cavity problem. Before tooth decay, one should take steps to stop it. If they would consult their dentists on a regular basis, then their dentist would suggest what to do and how to do. Because after damaging it creates problems and after this, it becomes a lengthy process of treatment. Dentists always gave oral care. People should follow these tips to keep healthy their teeth.

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