Child’s Allergy Procedures Testing For Health: A Quick Guide For Parents

Most parents’ number one concern is to keep their children healthy and far from any harmful deceases so that they may grow up happy and make most of their potentials. But most of the children nowadays suffer from different kind of allergies that many parents mistakenly identify as normal common colds obtained through weather changes.

Parents only discover their child has an allergy when symptoms are prolonged and repetitive, and that’s the only time they decide to visit a pediatrician for a checkup. A child’s allergy procedure testing for health may not be a lot different from the adults’, it also involves skin pricking or blood testing for IgE. Allergy testing is safe for all children, an early allergy detection may help your child from getting any allergic rhinitis that leads to asthma if not addressed. Most cases of children being absent from school are due to some allergy that affects the child’s immune system and become sickly. In order to avoid these parents are advised to let their kids be tested.

Preparing for skin test

In preparing your child for the procedure, this must happen a week before you are going to take your kid to the actual test. You may start by explaining to them how important it is to them to be tested and how the procedure is being initiated in a manner that they don’t get frightened. You may cease from giving them antihistamines for this may affect the result of the skin test.

Children are a lot more curious than adults they often ask questions about the procedure, their number one concern is if it is painful. Parents must assure everything to their child that the test will not be painful and no blood is involved during the procedure, you may demonstrate to them by taking a toothpick and press it gently onto their skin and reassure to them that they will only be experiencing that amount pain during the child’s allergy procedure for health.

You may also bring some stuff toys or some distraction in order for them to feel relax and may divert their attention away from the procedure.

The Result

Result of skin test does not vary from the test the adults take, skin prick test on children are the same we will still have to wait up to 20 minutes in order for you to know if the substance being pricked to your child’s skin has an adverse reaction and it will give you idea which allergen is responsible for all the discomfort that your child is experiencing.

Substances that cause allergy

Common substances that cause allergy are pollen, molds, dust, dust mites, animal dander, insect stings, food and some medicines.

Types of allergies

There are many types of allergies in different forms and these are

  • food allergy
  • Skin allergy
  • Dust allergy
  • Insect sting allergy
  • Pet allergies
  • Eye allergy
  • Drug allergy
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Latex allergy
  • Mold allergy
  • Sinus infection
  • Cockroach allergy

Once your child is diagnosed with which type of allergen triggers the allergy, doctor’s will discuss to you immediately some precautions to be executed in order for the allergy not to occur again, medicines will be prescribed to lessen some allergy symptoms and give your child some comfort.

Parents should have an idea about allergy procedures testing for health for kids. Here’s why according to the experts at

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