Dentures Are Not Just for the Elderly

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When the words false teeth or dentures are used many may think of the elderly. However, dentures can be used to replace natural teeth in patients of any age. A research firm discovered that over 50% of people who are wearing dentures are aged 45 and under. Dentures are a brilliant tooth replacement that is often overlooked by younger patients. It is important that every patient knows the benefits both cosmetically and financially.

What Are Denture Implants?

Your teeth are needed to eat, speak and smile. When you lose a tooth, it can affect your daily life because of difficulty eating and because a smile with missing teeth affects your self-confidence. A solution that can used to fix missing teeth are dentures.

If you think dentures are for the elderly, think again. Dentures are comfortable and can look just as real as a crown or bridge. The materials used in dentures has advanced and now dentures can look just like natural teeth and gums. A big concern for patients is that their dentures may slip or fall out while talking or eating. Many have experienced their grandparent’s have an accidental denture slip or being shocked by the unrealistic teeth. This is no longer an issue.

Today dentures can be made to perfectly fit your own mouth and can be made to look as natural as your own teeth. There are different denture options available one of which are implant supported dentures. Denture implants involve a titanium screw “implant” being placed into the jaw. These act as tooth roots. Then the implant will fuse with your jaw. After this a denture will be attached to the new root. With implants your new teeth will look and function like real ones.

Why Are Denture Implants Used?

Denture implants are used because the teeth look realistic, the new teeth will be stable, and the teeth are fully functional. It is a long lasting tooth replacement solution. The confidence that come with denture implants makes them the perfect solution for all ages.

Dental Conditions Where a Denture May Be Recommended

There are so many conditions or accidents that could happen to you that may result in you needing a denture. This means that all ages may be recommended a denture it is not just a part of aging. The most common dental conditions that may cause the need for a denture are:

  • Sport Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Tooth Decay
  • Medical Conditions – Such as Diabetes
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
  • Gum Disease  
  • Drug Use
  • Smoking

As you can see there are many issues that could arise that cause the need for a denture, not just age. Dentures can fix your smile and can also be more cost effective than other tooth replacement options. Denture implants with proper care can last a lifetime and denture repairs are easily arranged. Consider dentures for tooth replacement because these are not just for the elderly.

If you want to hear more about dentures, contact your local dental clinic for more information.

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