Do’s and Don’ts Before buying a Health Insurance Plan

Before buying a health insurance plan, there are multiple things that you need to ponder upon before choosing any plan which is offered by many healthy players. However, there is a set of do’s and don’ts which can make your life easier if you keep all of them in your mind before choosing your health insurance plan, be it for your family member or even for yourself.

But before we get started on the same, let us first understand what is a health insurance? So, health insurance is basically an agreement between the company and the policyholder where the insurance company provides financial cover for the policyholder’s medical treatment and regular health-checkups.

Down below you will find a checklist which might not look exhaustive, but surely cover all the important aspects that you must have in your mind before you purchase your health insurance plan.

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Dos of buying a health care plan:

1. Market Research – You need to be thorough with your research in order to jot down the best health insurance plans available. As there is a wide range of plans offered by various companies, it is difficult for you to choose the best of all. Ensure the plan you pick suits all your health requirements and covers all the aspects of individual requirements. You will be amazed to know that an efficient market research makes a lot of difference while zeroing down to that one plan which you have been looking for a long time.

2. Look for Coverage Options – With the change in the company and plans, the inclusions and the exclusions also change. Make sure you have a clear idea about what all aspects are being covered and what are excluded beforehand as there are a number of restrictions on what is to be covered and what is not being covered.

3. Read Policy Terms and Conditions – Go through the terms and conditions of the policy to avoid any kind of confusion in future. Avoiding this step might create major misunderstandings in the future. To reduce the chances of misunderstandings, you ensure that this step is not skipped by the insurer.

4. Check for Enlisted Specialists – Check out the list of enlisted specialists included for the insurance provider. In case you visit any alternate medical specialist, in that case, check if that will be covered.


  1. Compare Plans – Do not purchase any plan before comparing different health insurance plans. Comparing will definitely get hold of an amazing deal.

  2. Communicate Pre-existing Conditions – Always reveal about the details of the pre-existing diseases, if you have any. This includes things like diabetes as well as high blood pressure.

    7. Submitting Necessary Documents – It is very important for you to submit all the important documents like the medical report and other health-related documents that an insurance provider needs to have beforehand or at the time of purchasing a policy.

    8. Required Medical Tests – If there is a medical test which needs to be carried out before the purchase of the health plan, check where and how the test will be carried out. Also, you need to check who will cover the costs of these medical checkups and tests.

    9. Seek Feedback – Always seek feedback and advice from friends and family who have bought health insurance policy. Talk to them about their experience with the policy provider. Find out their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction after the purchase of the plan.

    10. Wait for Proposal Acceptance from the Insurer – Wait until your proposal gets accepted by the insurer and then pay your premium.

    11. Timely Renewal – Renew your health policy from time to time and be sure about enjoying lifetime health care coverage.

    Don’ts of buying a health care plan:
  1. If you don’t understand, don’t buy – Avoid buying a health plan whose points you are not able to understand clearly. Points which are difficult to comprehend might create serious misunderstanding in the future.

  2. Do not hide anything related to your health – Never hide any crucial information about your health or something that is very important in getting you a health plan. You might end up having a dispute in the future with your policy provider.

    3. Don’t delay policy renewal – Avoid delaying the renewal of your policy, as delaying the policy renewal will make your policy useless.

    4. Don’t hesitate meeting insurance agents – Many consider meeting insurance agents as a waste of their time. But they do understand that this meeting only guides you in getting a clearer idea about various health insurances plans and proposals. Make sure you do not skip this vital step.

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