Making Exercise a Habit That Stays Forever

Every New Year comes with hope, and we make resolutions to keep them and follow them, but till the February rolls, those resolutions get shifted for the next New Year, and the same goes for the resolutions we make to keep us in shape or bring us back to shape. But this is human nature and nothing much can be done about them. But there are scientific approaches which can make exercise a habit and which will stick with you for a long time. You can train outside in a park regularly or go to a gym or do your exercise regularly in your house.

Cross gives the user the feeling of moving on the spot in her own pace, while vital functions and the general well being are enhanced.

Start light and slow and gradually build momentum

Exercising 30 minutes a day for five days a week sounds good, and most of you are thinking that it is easily achievable. But the question remains, for how long? If you make a goal which is unachievable, you are definitely going to fail, and then you are going to feel frustrated, and then ultimately you are going to give up. You might get motivated by looking at other person and saw that the person transformed into good shape in less time, but you couldn’t. But the thing is that every human is different from the other, so someone might take lesser time to achieve the same goal which you might take longer time. The main thing is that you started trying and you can’t stop till you achieve your goal.

But there’s an easier way. Why don’t you start with a goal that is not that big and is achievable by you? As you achieve them, you know you are reaching your goals, and you will be happy, which will bring motivation in you, you will feel good. Your self-confidence and momentum will get a direction. So, after one goal is reached, you can easily proceed to your next goal.

There should be a trigger point

Trigger points are like you don’t have to think about it, and it starts automatically. Like you slip on a road, and your hand will automatically try to protect you so that you get less injured, or something bites you, and you will find your hands are there before you could even think. So, these kinds of trigger points are required to be successful and mainly with exercising. Something should trigger you such that whatever you were doing that time you get on your feet, and you are at the park exercising. Nothing comes in between you and your exercise, it’s the time, and you are there, not even your thoughts can stop you from being there in the park or gym.

Reward you with something

Rewards automatically come when you exercise regularly with better health, mental and physical, good sleep, and more energy, but still, those are long-term rewards, you need to decide on your short-term rewards too. Like if you have reached a certain goal, you reward with something like a hot bath or a favorite cup of coffee. Those will set up in your mind, and then you will try harder to follow your routine as rewards are waiting for you. Gradually, you won’t have to push yourself; your mind will guide you to get your next reward.

Set Yourself Up for Success

For being successful, you need to set yourself up for that, without a plan you won’t achieve flying colors.

  • Schedule: Schedule your exercise time. For everything like a meeting or appointments, you schedule them. Schedules are like if you don’t find time for your exercise, you make it a must by scheduling it as you do with a meeting. You don’t miss a meeting so that you won’t miss your scheduled exercise time.
  • Don’t make it hard for yourself: While exercising you require energy, so when you are trying to plan a time of the day when you are going to work out, you should plan such that you have a lot of energy that time to carry that out smoothly and also that you are aware and conscious. Some people are not morning people and can’t get up early in the morning, but that doesn’t make you not eligible to exercise. You should try to exercise by planning before going to work.
  • No obstacles should stop you: if anything is coming in the way or you and your exercise, plan of time to get it out of your way. If you feel like you are going to run out of time in the morning for exercise, you can make your workout cloths ready before you go to sleep at night so that whenever you wake up, you can move straight to the park or gym. If you feel like going home can make you miss your exercise after your work, then keep a bag in your car for your gym or park and move straight from your work to the gym or park.

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