Proper Knowledge is Necessary Before Using Steroids if you are a Beginner

An athlete or bodybuilder makes his living by participating in the sports, which are highly competitive. Even a bit of negligence will lead to failure. Thus, they need to work hard on their physique to stay in demand. The best physique cannot be attained just with physical exercise and nutritional diet. They need some external force to get the best results quickly.

Duration of steroid cycle depends upon the requirement of muscle gain in the body. For beginners, a cycle is difficult to understand. They have little knowledge of steroids and its effect on hormones. Often, they go with the brand and sometimes end up with useless steroids. Apart from branding they are unable to identify its dosage and the duration of cycle. Often, they don’t know the quantity they should intake or how it should be used for better results.

In such cases, testosterone will be the best beginner cycles for bodybuilding. Testosterone is a versatile anabolic steroid that can be well managed by males. Moreover, during the first cycle using only testosterone is better as it is not stacked with any other compound or supplement. Later, you can definitely stack it with other steroids, but for long run using only testosterone is beneficial.

Doctors prescribe steroids to many patients, but they always start with low dosage. If you straight jump to high dosage without any experience, chances are that you end up risking your life. When you slowly approach the end, it helps you overcome many side effects. So, it is better to follow a cycle as suggested by your doctor to avoid any trouble.

Few of the following steroids that are best for beginners are –

  • Anavar
  • Deca durabolin
  • Testosterone
  • Dianabol
  • Winstrol

Steroids are used to increase muscles, boost energy, and strengthen physique. A beginner can choose a steroid depending upon their preferences. Some of them prefer oral steroids, which are slow but effective for the long run while others inject steroid for fast results, but for short period of time.

Every medicine has its side effects. However, if taken under guidance, major drawbacks can be avoided. When you start with a low dosage there can be a chance that you might face certain minor side effects of aggressiveness and acne. Those are natural and go away with time.

It is very important to follow PCT after your first cycle is over. So that any side effects that is about to occur will stop immediately and body senses the reducing level of testosterone thereby increasing it naturally.


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