Sports Massage in Perth – Physiological & Psychological Benefits

Sports massage is proven to impart several benefits to individuals, specifically athletes who need to desperately improve their performance and overall well-being. A good sports massage therapist having the right certification and experience is the one anyone could count on. Such professionals should be able to assess the requirements of their clients and do the needful. Here’s what sports massage in Perth does to your body:

Physiological Effects of Sports Massage in Perth

It is true that sports massage can bring in a sympathetic or parasympathetic response to a subject’s body, and it depends on how the therapy is done. Here are such major benefits listed below:

  • decreased production of sympathetic or stress hormones
  • dilation of the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which is a result of the relaxation of smooth muscles
  • relaxation of the skeletal muscles and reduced neural stimulation/contraction of muscles

When sympathetic response occurs, the reaction will be the exact opposite.

Psychological Effects of Sports Massage in Perth

A client availing Perth sports massage also benefits from its positive psychological effects, which in turn, is related to the physiological measures mentioned earlier. Performing a very effective and a dynamic massage therapy stimulates an increased production of endorphin and adrenaline in the body, which further helps in improving both your physical and mental states.

Massage therapy also provokes a parasympathetic response, which relieves stress and tension within the tissues and brings down blood pressure. This means your client is soon relieved from stress and becomes more relaxed as a result.

Physical Effects of Sports Massage in Perth

Sports massage is intended to benefit those who are mostly involved in strenuous athletic activities. This is why sports massage usually including squeezing, pumping and stretching of soft tissues, thus resulting in a range of positive physical effects. This includes improved blood & lymph circulation and enhanced mobility of soft tissue. There are also certain massage techniques that separates muscle fibres form one soft tissue to another.

Other Major Benefits of Sports Massage:

Apart from the positive changes explained above, here are other major benefits of sports massage you should know:

  1. Speedy recovery, healing and repairs from injuries as more nutrients are easily supplied to the vascular tissues
  2. Facilitates the removal of metabolic waste products from the tissues
  3. Improved range, efficiency and flexibility in bodily movements, thus reducing the risk of injuries
  4. Effective relief from pressure caused due to metabolic irritants
  5. Great relief from pain, as tension in the muscles is reduced

Sports massage therapy in Perth is targeted specifically to treat sports injuries, but comes with so many other benefits as well. The treatment is carried out in different stages, and makes a difference to the way your clients recover from injuries.

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