Synthetic Urine: What Is It, Why You Need And Where To Buy

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You might be wondering what a synthetic urine is? Why on earth would people intend to fake urine, which we excrete? To what purpose would any person be needing a synthetic urine?

It might sound funny, crazy even, but synthetic urine is actually real. It’s definitely legit and the market now sells them. Moreover, it’s becoming more and more popular. To feed your curiosity, let’s explain more about synthetic urine products.

Synthetic urine or “laboratory urine” is more commonly known as “fake pee”. This is an imitation of the actual human urine created by imitating the physical and chemical properties of human urine.

To make it appear and smell like natural, synthetic urine contains uric acid, creatine, urea and nitrates. It is also made to have normal pH level between 4.8 and 8, and to foam like real human urine. Additional factor is the temperature between 32°C to 36°C.

Why Do People Need Synthetic Urine?

One of the most common reasons why people buy and use synthetic urine is to pass urine analysis required by many companies and organizations. The most dreaded is none other than the greatly feared drug test. It is actually the main purpose of creating such product. Synthetic urines are toxin-free, what gives you more chances to pass a urinalysis.

Although it is said to be effective according to various testimonials, it does not assure 100{e57abf90b25f0e28dca92805c8cf341aff0dcbac27f9aa5bc97ee118adb86dfa} guarantee and getting caught using synthetic urine might bring unwanted consequences. Supervised tests may require a person to be extra careful on where to keep the fake pee.

In other cases, synthetic urine is also used for pranks, science, animal repellent and sex purposes.  

Types of Synthetic Urine

Basically, you can find two types of synthetic urine – powder and pre-mixed solutions. Preparation is very simply but instructions may still vary depending on the brand bought. It’s important to follow instructions provided.

  • Powdered Urine Kit
    • This is the more common people’s choice for synthetic urine since it can be prepared the moment it is needed and the person wouldn’t have to worry much about the expiration.
    • It smells and completely looks like a normal, drug-free human urine.
    • Usually, urine powder kits have a free air-activated heater. In case the use of the synthetic urine takes longer than expected, you can also purchase extra heaters.
  • Pre-Mixed Solution
    • Unlike powdered urine kits, pre-mixed solutions are used for more immediate cases, especially if the supervising personnel in urine tests are strict and there is a minimal chance of exiting the area to prepare a powdered urine kit.

Although it’s synthetic, it also expires, as any other product. Synthetic urine only last for eight (8) hours and can only be used once. Once it expires, it should be replaced. Temperature is essential, if the synthetic urine is intended to pass urine analysis. Having long queue lines on the day of the test may be a problem. No worries because synthetic urine can actually be re-heated.

Where Can You Buy Synthetic Urine

It is not a secret anymore and you can find synthetic urine for sale in online shops, smoke shops and other related shops. Just make sure you buy a high quality brand of synthetic urine kit. You don’t want to take a risk on cheaper products and end up being compromised.

On the contrary, authorities are already starting to be aware of the existence of this revolutionary product, that it is now being banned in different countries. Having proved to have used such product, may have unwanted consequences or fine, according to the established law.

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