The Many Locations and Events that Call for Earplugs

When enjoying and exploring the world around you, there can be many hidden dangers that not everyone is aware of, especially to your eardrums. Any sound above 85 decibels for a long period of time, such as at a concert, can result in hearing loss, but there are other dangers as well. Swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear can both result in permanent and unpleasant damage to the ear, including the development of bony growths and frequent ear infections that require medication to treat.

Knowing which type of event or hobby that can cause your ears harm will help you determine whether it is time to take out your moulded earplugs and put them in your ears. It might sound surprising, but these small, seemingly simple devices can not only protect your ear from lasting damage, but can also keep you from losing your hearing in the future. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the types of locations that call for the use of these protective materials.


Unless you find yourself peering over the very back of the crowd and straining to hear the band, you will need to have moulded earplugs in to protect your ears during the many hours you will spend listening to the music. ZenPlugs are the leading experts for molded earplugs, and can offer a wide range of beautiful and highly functional earplugs that will last years with minimal maintenance or loss of functionality. There is a reason people who regularly visit concerts often have trouble hearing after years of this hobby, and it could also be the reason so many choose to turn their radio dials so high when listening to music in the car.


It is no secret that moulded earplugs are far superior to those you can find at the store for a few pence, and this is one of the biggest reasons. Surfer’s ear, or exostosis, is the term given to a rather grotesque and unpleasant problem suffered by those who regularly spend time in cold wind and water. Such a problem will cause an abnormal growth of bone within the ear canal, which will reduce hearing, potentially lead to full blockage, and increase the chances of ear infections, but wearing custom-fitted earplugs that will not fall right out of your ears can prevent this problem.


Whether you find yourself swimming at the local pond or in your neighbour’s swimming pool, bacteria and other microorganisms are found in all water unless it is highly sterilized. When introduced into your year, these type of bacteria find the perfect environment that is warm, damp, and dark in which to procreate and grow into a serious infection. Left alone, you will experience quite a lot of pain, a “popping” sensation when swallowing or moving your jaw, and perhaps additional symptoms such as a sore throat.

Earplugs stop water and the unpleasant guests inside of it from entering your ear canal, effective stopping the chance of an ear infection. This should allow you to swim without worry, and your experience will be far more enjoyable. You deserve to have peace of mind in and out of the water, at concerts, races, and any other event with intrusive and damaging noises.

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