Want to overcome bloating? Try these remedies

Bloating is an ordinary health issue nowadays. According to a study, almost 10 percent of the population suffers from bloating. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that bloating is an outcome of gas and sometimes constipation too. If it is not cured timely, it will invite more problems such as stomach cramps and back pain. Although painful, it not a disease which cannot be cured and most of the times home remedies help to cure bloating.

There are some home remedies that can be used as an infallible weapon against this health issue, and the best part is they are completely free from side effects.

3 Home remedies that can help to cure bloating

  1. Lime soda and baking soda – An easily available product in a normal kitchen helps in providing instant relief. Baking soda also cures gas and should be taken daily before breakfast with water. The process to consume it is that add baking soda and lemon juice in half glass of water. This would generate fizz. Wait for a minute and after the fizz settles down, fill the remaining glass with water and drink it to get relief. To make it more effective cider vinegar (preferably apple) can also be used as it maintains body’s Ph level.
  2. Garlic – Garlic is known for its many benefits to our body. It also helps to cure bloating. It helps in releasing gas that is causing bloating. To consume it, add garlic to water and make it boil. Further, add cumin seeds and black pepper to it and boil the three so that the water takes all their effect. Remove from flame after few minutes and strain it. After the water cools down, drink it twice or thrice daily, as feasible to you. The combination of these three can be added to any vegetable, soup,etc. as they are highly effective against other health problems too.
  3. Bay Leaves – Bay Leaves are also known for being effective against gas and bloating. Bay leaves are famous for its qualities of an antiseptic, antioxidant and digestive leaves. Boil a bay leaf and a cup of water. After boiling it for 7-8 minutes, switch off the flame and let the water cool down with bay leaf in it so that it extracts all its essence. After the water cools down, strain the water and drink it maybe twice or thrice a day. It also cures cancer. Remember not to lie down after drinking bay leaf water. Sit so that it helps to let the gas pass out.

An easily curable disease can be easily prevented also. Exercise can help highly as a preventive measure to avoid bloating. Daily exercise and walk must be practiced as it improves our digestive system. Exercises like Upside Down Bike are known for instant relief from gas and bloating. Also keep in mind that while exercising and even normally, breathe through thenose and not themouth. Avoid inhaling through themouth as much as possible.

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