Coping with Hair Loss Due to Cancer Treatment

It is really such a traumatic event when you have a cancer. You will not only have to deal with the disease itself, you also need to deal with the temporary hair loss that the meds or treatment of cancer will bring about.

Actually, not all cancer treatments can generate hair loss but most of them do. And the thing when they do is that you will really become bald like not a single strand of hair will be left on your head.

Thus it is understandable if you get frustrated at times or you will feel like the world is closing in on you.

If you are having a hard time, here are some tips on how to deal with such situation:

  1. Be informed

Yes this is the best that you can do though most of the time, there is nothing that you can do about the situation to change the result. But at least if you are informed, you will be able to ready yourself for the consequences or you can prepare mentally. After all, it is not easy to be bald while having to deal with the cancer disease at the same time.

  1. Inform your family

You are not the only person that must be prepared. The people around you should know as well especially if you have kids. Sometimes, they can’t understand why you lose all your hair and they might get scared or get worried. This is why, you have to explain things to them.

  1. You can also do something

Though inevitable, still you can do something to slow down hair loss. As your meds are already causing the hair loss, you don’t need to speed up the process by using harmful chemicals. This is the time when you should go easy with your hair.

  1. Try a different hair style

You can shorten your hair while you still have them. Try something shorter so that your hair will look fuller. Sometimes, it is just all about how you style your hair so that even if you are already losing some of them, it would not be that noticeable.

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