Increasing your Testosterone Levels Naturally and through Supplements

With the male sex drive plummeting after you crossing your prime, chances are higher that the body parts would be undergoing hormonal changes. Testosterone has been deemed as the most important hormone in males. With its depletion, mostly after 30 years of age and reaching the age of 40, you could feel the effects largely. Losing lean muscle mass, hair loss, weight gain, decline in bone density, rise in LDL cholesterol levels and excessive sweating has been associated with reduction in testosterone levels in the body. More than anything else, the reduction in testosterone levels would result in reduction in libido, which mostly results in erectile or sexual dysfunction.

Reasons for reduction in testosterone levels

Even though testosterone levels may not go down simply because of age, it may also happen due to certain lifestyle and emotional related aspects. Some emotional aspects would be depression, stress and several other negative feelings that may hamper your desire to have sex. It may also be associated with lifestyle related issues inclusive of excessive drinking, smoking and lack of physical activity. These would also affect the libido of a person negatively.

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Raising your testosterone levels naturally

You could raise your testosterone levels in a natural manner. You would need to follow a good diet plan. It would be extremely essential for your overall body and sexual health needs. It would be imperative that your diet is inclusive of high proteins such as chicken, beef etc. In addition, you should limit the intake of carbohydrates, especially the ones rich in starch and sugars. The carbohydrates would enhance the level of insulin and cortisol in your blood. It would affect the production of testosterone negatively. It would be imperative that you include essential fats in your diet. All steroid hormones come from cholesterol. When your diet lacks essential fats, the process would inhibit.

Supplements for your testosterone level enhancing needs

Among the popular supplements that you may avail over the counter for increasing male testosterone levels, the DIM or popularly called Diindolylmethane would be your best bet. The supplement has been made available off the counter and online on prescription. You could enhance your testosterone levels by regular consumption of the pills. The DIM pills would improve your testosterone levels and reduce the estrogen levels to cater to your overall health needs. DIM has also proven to produce wide benefits as anti-aging and anti-cancer supplement.

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